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EntrantDENTSU Tokyo, JAPAN
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Advertising Agency 2 SONICJAM Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency 3 AKARI Tokyo, JAPAN

The Brief

Is there no more progress in imaging display? Certainly, the resolution and precision of images have been fairly upgraded. However, we haven’t seen anything more than that. That is why we still continue to watch a flat display. The video experience has not basically changed since TV was invented 60 years ago. So, we changed our focus from making progress in imaging to the video experience itself, which lead to our “Vision Shift System.” No more staring at the fixed display, but to employ the system of a flexibly moving video display, according to the change in direction of your face.It gives new video experiences as if you have warped into a different world. This system is beta version, demonstrated in the TOKYO GAME SHOW, with the budget of 20 million yen.

“Vision Shift System.” It is a new video experience, which is formed by flexibly moving the video display, according to the change in direction of your face. This is an innovative video experience, that feel as if you have warped to a completely alternative world. We invented this system to show future possibility of video devices, at the Sony’s Head Mounted Display campaign. Employing the 360°Spherical Vision Camera instead of traditional camera, we created a spherical view, to replace fix images. Then we combined it with the Head Mounted Display to which a gyro-sensor is mounted. As a result, a new video device was invented by flexibly moving the video display, according to the change in direction of your face. By fitting this imaging device, we can feel more tension in gaming, and also be excited as if you were at the concert hall. You may enjoy movie in a different way, you may fell as if you were the at the New York marathon course in your gym. It may be utilized to motive rehabilitation works.

Although, we have not yet decided to commercialize this product, this have already improved our engagement in branding and clients. A game contents developing company started to consider new development product using this device. This demonstration attracted many medias including those of overseas.


Name Company Position
Akira Suzuki Dentsu Inc. Creative Director
Kazuyoshi Ochi Dentsu Inc. Creative Director
Noritaka Kobuse Dentsu Inc. Creative Director
Yuji Masuda Dentsu Inc. Account Director
Shuko Endo Dentsu Inc. Account Exective
Ryosuke Kanayama Dentsu Inc. Account Exective
Yumiko Suzuki Dentsu Inc. Content Planner
Eiko Shimada Dentsu Inc. Creative Producer
Kenji Ozaki Dentsu Inc. Event Planner
Susumu Harada Dentsu Inc. Web Project Manager
Naotaka Fujii Laboratory For Adaptive Intelligence/Bsi/Riken Laboratory Head/M.d./Ph.d.
Sohei Wakisaka Laboratory For Adaptive Intelligence/Bsi/Riken Researcher/Ph.d.
Ken Murata SONICJAM Tokyo Techinical Account Manager
Kazuyuki Honda Akari, Inc. Techinical Account Manager
Ryuji Masaki SONICJAM Tokyo System Development Manager
Takao Onomura SONICJAM Tokyo System Engineer
Ryo Asakura Akari, Inc. CG Creator
Yasuhiro Kawasaki ROBOT COMMUNICATIONS INC. Film Producer
Hirotaka Kobori Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc. Senior Marketing Communication Manager
Yoshihiko Nakamura Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc. Marketing Communication Manager