Product / ServiceCIDER
CategoryA02. Ambient media: small scale (incl. premiums and giveaways)
Entrant Company CONTAGION Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Advertising Agency CONTAGION Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


Name Company Position
Bridget Taylor Contagion Executive Creative Director
Verity Dookia Contagion Creative Director
Dan Walton Contagion Art Director
Seth Josephs Contagion Copywriter

The Brief

Sweden’s favourite premium cider, Rekorderlig were a sponsor of the 2014 Queenstown Winterfest. We had created an outdoor pop up bar in the centre of the alpine village to help launch their latest product, Winter Cider. A cider best served hot to open the vanilla and cinnamon aromas and flavour. However, as the cold mountain air dropped well below zero, so did our cider. How could we ensure the Winter Cider stayed piping hot all night, when it’s enjoyed outside?

Creative Execution

The strength of the Wintercoat concept was that it was a simple, yet innovative solution to the problem. They encouraged people to sample the Winter cider product as it was intended to be enjoyed, with minimal cost and maximum impression to drinkers. They could also be activated anywhere, instantly. Rekorderlig is a proudly Swedish brand with a history of clean, simple design. Like most Swedish design, it's roots stem from a perfect balance between form and function. As a premium cider, the solution was going to have to be not only elegant but also simple and effective.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

All outdoors lovers are familiar with hand warmers. Simple heat packs that when activated reach temperatures over 60 degrees, and remain hot for well over 10 hours. Taking these heat pads, we created the Rekorderlig Wintercoat. A branded sleeve, specifically designed to wrap around both the Winter Cider bottle, as well as an exclusive Rekorderlig steel cup. The Wintercoats could heat a 500ml bottle to over 50 degrees within 5-10 minutes and sustain the heat for several hours.


The limited edition Wintercoats were launched at the 2014 Queenstown Winter festival. Our initial run was distributed to a combination of social influencers and brand ambassadors. With the goal of creating desirability and social conversation around both the new product and Wintercoat concept. As a result of the overwhelming response, Rekorderlig are now looking to distribute Wintercoats Nationwide at POS to help support the launch of Winter Cider in stores.