Product / ServiceHEINEKEN LIGHT
CategoryA02. Ambient media: small scale (incl. premiums and giveaways)
Entrant Company HIIIR Taipei, CHINESE TAIPEI
Advertising Agency HIIIR Taipei, CHINESE TAIPEI


Name Company Position
Howard Hiiir Account Director
Lex Hiiir Aso.creative Director
Zoe Hiiir Aso.creative Director
Rita Hiiir Account Manager
Kin Hiiir Art Director

The Brief

On May 15, 2013 Heineken (Taiwan) launched a new brand, LIGHT. It was a whole new brand, emphasizing to be drunk at anytime, anywhere, at will, with the young, artistic literate being the target audience. Since it was a new brand, it had no awareness in the market. Under this situation, our mission was to help this brand spread in Taiwan.

Creative Execution

Through the Heineken’s Wireless Access Point, user can easily access the campaign site when the internet is connected and do not need to type the URL. The campaign sit provide the GPS service. User can easily use the GPS service without download any GPS app, and the on line web GPS service can guides the user to the Huashan Creative Park (Taipei, Taiwan).By provide the on line GPS service ,We help it gives user a batter experience and increases user’s intention to participate in this even.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We hosted an exhibition at Huashan Creative Park in Taipei, Taiwan. The venue was 72,000 square meter, thus figuring out how to allow everyone to receive the message was the key. Through hotspot signal from wifi, we delivered our messages and permitted people who found us through this hotspot signal to exchange for a free bottle of Heineken and toast to everyone! Lastly, we also provided a free gift – one could obtain a 3D image that could be projected through mobile phone, letting one bond more closely with one’s friends.


Within this period, we successfully attracted more than 20,000 people to the venue and there were 2,000 people on average daily that saw the brand message using wifi. Furthermore, bloggers reported our event, creating publicity and bringing millions of media exposure. Through beer tasting, we helped Heineken deeply imprint its brand image into consumers’ mind. Most importantly, people experienced toasting with everyone, which was priceless!