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Name Company Position
Tim Wood RAPP Creative Director
Jake Siddall RAPP Senior Art Director
Sokpart Pao RAPP Senior Copywriter
Craig Fraser RAPP Senior Designer
Tau Matenga RAPP Senior Digital Designer

The Brief

Christmas. It’s wonderful time of year, full of rest and relaxation. And flying pigs also pull Santa’s sleigh. As we all know, Christmas is really a mad sprint through a minefield of impossible deadlines, frayed nerves and last-minute shopping. Ho ho ho. But what if we could make this elf-driven onslaught just a little bit less stressful for our clients? Surely that would be a better way to thank them for a fantastic year rather than simply sending the obligatory agency Christmas card and hamper? We thought we'd find out.

Creative Execution

Clients expect a Christmas card from their agency. They might even expect that card to be a little whacky. But we wanted to take that one step further and make our agency Christmas card genuinely useful at one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year. So that’s what we did. Along with our heartfelt messages of thanks, we also gifted our clients the one thing everyone needs in the run up to Christmas – more time.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Throughout 2013, we ran several RAPP Speaker Events for our clients. Each event was held at the RAPP office and ran for several hours on various topics of interest. But that also gave us an idea, so in the week before Christmas we ran another one – “The fundamentals of time.” Thing is, this event didn’t really exist. We invited our clients to RSVP for an event they didn’t have to attend, so instead they could take that time off to do whatever they had to do in the mad run up to Christmas with their boss none the wiser.


We'll let our clients do the talking: “The most incredible present ever. So well done, it was amazing.” “Have chosen to 'catch up' from 2:30-4:30 next Wednesday. Thank you so much for the card.” “Just received the brilliant xmas gift from RAPP – very valuable indeed!!!” “I would love to take 2 hours off this Thursday from 3-5pm.” “Thanks for the lovely card and ‘gift of time’ for the team.”