Product / ServiceLUB D HOSTEL
CategoryB04. Consumer Services
EntrantSWAT Bangkok, THAILAND
Entrant Company SWAT Bangkok, THAILAND
Advertising Agency SWAT Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Lode Nandhivajrin SWAT CO./LTD. Strategic/Managing Chief
Decha Mongkhol SWAT CO./LTD. Communication/Managing Chief
Wongsakorn Jaihuab SWAT CO./LTD. Strategic Planner
Thaveewong Prasopsant SWAT CO./LTD. Creative Group Head
Saravut Kurupintsiri SWAT CO./LTD. Art Director
Peeravit Pansuwan SWAT CO./LTD. Art Director
Anyaporn Chavalparit SWAT CO./LTD. Copywriter
Theerayut Patharanarakul SWAT CO./LTD. Agency Producer
Chacree Rujiviphat Shoryuken Production Director
Chatchai Kunponpitak Shoryuken Production Production Producer

The Brief

In the last quarter of 2013, the heat of political demonstration in Bangkok has risen. Millions of people were gathering on the street. Protesters were provoking violence, ringing out gunfire and explosions. The news quickly spread around the world. Over 60 countries worldwide declared travel warning and encouraged their people to stay away from Bangkok. As a result, 30% of foreign travelers immediately decreased in the last quarter of 2013 and continued to drop more in the following quarter. What would a hostel like Lub d do to survive the situation?

Creative Execution

Lub d hostel positioned itself as the most craziest & friendly hostel in the world with the brand idea, 'everyone leaves as a friend.' While the flashpackers, the backpackers who's gadget-addicted, love all local unique experiences such as, Thai food, Thai art, Thai people's photo etc. and also love to share them on their social network. Chillie is one of our uniqueness that you have to eat more than usual when you're in Thailand. So, the campaign won't make you forget its taste and turn Thailand's bad situation to be funny easily. After the challenge, our hosts & guests will become as friends automatically.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We decided to add more heat to make it to the boiling point. Lub d spicy challenge! The campaign was launched by challenging our guests to eat Thai chillies. 1 chilli equals 10% discount. If they eat 10, they’ll get a free night. The video explaining promotion mechanics was released to backpacker communities. Words quickly spreaded out. Travel bloggers started talking about us as well as the media worldwide.


After the clip was released to backpacker communities. Words quickly spreaded out from their facebooks and twitters. Travel bloggers started talking about us as well as the media worldwide. Within 3 weeks. We have chilies-eating participants from around the world. As total 103 clips from guests of 24 nationalities. 936 chillies were consumed. We finally made our guests look at the situation differently. And made them feel that Bangkok was still safe to go. Pre-booking rate in the following quarter went up 38%. Oh! our beverage sales also increased too!