Short List
Product / ServiceDTAC INTERNET
CategoryB05. Fundraising, charities, appeals, non-profit organisations, public health & safety, public awareness
Production Company M.A.R.S. Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Thirasak Tanapatanakul Creative Juice\Bangkok Chief Creative Officer
Jintawat Sumpunwattanakul Creative Juice\Bangkok Art Director
Komson Yamshuen Creative Juice\Bangkok Art Director
Thirasak Tanapatanakul Creative Juice\Bangkok Art Director
Chatchai Butsabakorn Creative Juice\Bangkok Copywriter
Napat Pornratanaraksa Creative Juice\Bangkok Copywriter
Piyathip Punkhamsing Creative Juice\Bangkok Agency Producer
Pongsuree Asanasen Creative Juice\Bangkok Account Executive
Promsant Jithnasilp Creative Juice\Bangkok Account Executive
Thanyaphat Buspant Creative Juice\Bangkok Account Supervisor
Nimit Songsri M.A.R.S. CO.,LTD Director
Korn Santitham M.A.R.S. CO.,LTD Producer
Areerak Thanikwong M.A.R.S. CO.,LTD Producer
Puphat Makroodthong M.A.R.S. CO.,LTD Graphic Designer
Nuttapon Puntariganon M.A.R.S. CO.,LTD Graphic Designer

The Brief

The improvement of internet coverage lets us access to the internet limitlessly. Meanwhile, many disadvantaged people and non-profit organizations that desperately need to use the internet, don’t have the resources to access it. dtac, Thailand’s leading Telecommunication Company, whose vision is to provide internet access to everyone, has seen the opportunity to diminish that problem while reinforcing its brand loyalty among their customers especially those high value customers who signs up for monthly internet package by turning the unused internet quota from customer’s package to become a resource for doing a good deed.

Creative Execution

This was the first time in the world that the telecommunication company has paid its attention on the unused internet bytes from customer’s package. This does not only shown how the brand care about the society but also portray how fairness which is dtac’s perceived asset the brand is.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

dtac’s “Giga Bright Project”, the world’s first “mobile internet donation” that dtac customer can donate their unused internet from their package to those who necessarily needs for it for social purposes. Customers can check the leftover bytes from their packages by dtac app. After the amount of leftover bytes appears on their screens, they simply type “Gb” to reply back to dtac. Their leftover bytes will automatically be transferred the Giga Bright donation box and given to those in need. With this campaign, dtac is paving way to achieve its vision of providing internet for all while strengthening the fairness attribute which will eventually increase the brand loyalty.


The number of donors increased more than triple times in only a month. More than 1,000,000 GB were donated to the box which dtac has double-matched it, boosting to help more than 70 schools in remote areas,10 medical service centers and 25 foundations for social benefits. Most importantly, while dtac successfully paving the way to reach their vision, thousands of lives were using internet to improve their quality of lives of themselves and people around creating a better society.