Product / ServiceDOUBLEMINT
CategoryA02. Ambient media: small scale (incl. premiums and giveaways)
Entrant Company PROXIMITY CHINA Guangzhou, CHINA
Advertising Agency PROXIMITY CHINA Guangzhou, CHINA


Name Company Position
Kevin Lynch BBDO CHINA Executive Creative Director
Eric Zhou BBDO CHINA General Manager
Helen Sze BBDO CHINA Creative Partner
Ciff Luk PROXIMITY CHINA Creative Director
Wayne Deng PROXIMITY CHINA Associate Creative Director
Rays Chen BBDO CHINA Creative Director
Bird Xie PROXIMITY CHINA Senior Art Director
Fin Hao PROXIMITY CHINA Associate Art Director
Mia Lin PROXIMITY CHINA Senior Copywriter
Yan Luo BBDO CHINA Copywriter
Chen Yan PROXIMITY CHINA Copywriter
Kristie Cheung BBDO CHINA Account Director
Miko Kong BBDO CHINA Senior Account Executive
Immanuel Zhang BBDO CHINA Account Executive
Nimbus Yang PROXIMITY CHINA Account Director
Elaine Qi PROXIMITY CHINA Account Executive
Owen Smith BBDO CHINA Head Of Planning
Rachel Zhang PROXIMITY CHINA Digital Planner

The Brief

We targeted all chewing gum category users. They were familiar with Doublemint’s history of connecting people, but the brand had lost relevance in recent year. We needed to approach ‘connecting people’ in a new way. This group was more connected than any in history, but they were feeling increasingly disconnected and ill-equipped to make and keep connections due to pace of life and stress. So instead of talking about connecting, we turned every stick of Doublemint into a media space which could be used as a gesture of connection to help ease this tension in their lives.

Creative Execution

When other new brands, new products and new flavors of gum come into market, we turned our products into our own biggest media space, which is the traditional 5 stick pack that hasn’t changed for 30 years, and we made a very good use of the double arrow on each stick, we printed gum messages inside the double arrow, people could use these printed gum messages to make or keep a connection proactively, they could engage with our products and at the same time the brand message “connecting people” is well delivered through this engagement effectively.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

On the packaging of each stick of Doublemint, we printed a conversation starter. Messages such as, “Don’t worry – I’m here now” and “Why haven’t we met earlier?” offered easy talking points for people to interact over. Now, instead of just offering someone a stick of gum, people could use Doublemint to make a connection. With nearly 100 gum messages, we created interesting encounter stories to demo the fun of passing gum messages to make connection. For example, a Love Letter to Dad was composed by different gum messages to encourage youth to express their love to Dad.


Our audience was quick to share their own connection stories. One even used Doublemint's gum messages as a marriage proposal. Short video content inspired 40,146 8 second consumer videos, or 3.7 days of Doublemint branded content, the highest ever total on the Weishi platform Social media content created over 1.5 billion unpaid impressions, or 10 times the amount of paid impressions, nearly doubling the value of our total social media spend We halted 11 straight months of value share losses, actually gaining 0.5% share, which is substantial in the context of an industry worth $2.8 billion annually