Product / ServiceOWNERS' 3D PORTRAIT
CategoryA02. Ambient media: small scale (incl. premiums and giveaways)
Entrant Company TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Miki Matsui TBWA HAKUHODO Executive Creative Director
Takahiro Hosoda TBWA HAKUHODO Creative Director
Kaname Aratame TBWA HAKUHODO Experience Designer
Takuya Ozaki TBWA HAKUHODO Senior Art Director
Wataru Uchida TBWA HAKUHODO Senior Digital Account Director
Yosuke Nakamura TBWA HAKUHODO Account Manager
Yoshiki Okayasu TBWA HAKUHODO Account Director 
Hiroaki Wada TBWA HAKUHODO Account Supervisor
Taka Kamimura TBWA HAKUHODO Account Executive
Kenji Imaki TBWA HAKUHODO Account Executive
Shingo Meguro TBWA HAKUHODO Account Executive
Kazuoki Uedo TBWA HAKUHODO Account Executive
Kentaro Kinoshita TYO MONSTER Producer
Hazuki Takamizawa TYO MONSTER Production Manager
Takayuki Niwa SPIRITS Director
Yasumi Oshima HAKUHODO I/Studio Web Producer
Takehiro Ohara HAKUHODO I/Studio Interactive Art Director
Shohei Hasegawa HAKUHODO I/Studio Web Designer
Shinya Natsumi HAKUHODO I/Studio Technical Director
Tien Linh Tran HAKUHODO I/Studio Web Production Manager

The Brief

Target: Current Nissan owners Insight: Through a long relationship, a car becomes more than just a car - it becomes a life companion. That's why letting go of your car can be such a bitter experience. So, can't we at least find a way to keep our fond memories in some tangible form? Objective: To launch a service that could be an incentive for Nissan owners to replace their long-term life companion cars with a new Nissan. Also leverage the timing of “car renewal” to make the bond between the owners and Nissan everlasting.

Creative Execution

This service is dedicated to Nissan owners. While turning fond memories with their beloved Nissan cars into an everlasting one, it also marks the beginning of a new relationship between the future owners and Nissan. Put another way, this campaign turned an act to “purchase another car” into an entertaining experience to commemorate one’s life passage. It demonstrated Nissan’s brand belief that cars are more than just a commodity, they’re life companions.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We launched a new initiative called "My Car Forever_3D Miniature Portrait". It's not a typical advertising campaign, but a special service offered to Nissan owners. When replacing their old car with another Nissan, a 3D replica of the owner and his/her car will be offered on the delivery day of the new car. A true, everlasting embodiment of you and your car.


The "My Car Forever_3D Miniature Portrait" resulted in massive coverage throughout the word. With more than 2,200 likes in a week from campaign launch and over 57,000 social reach, it encouraged more Nissan owners to trade in their long owned cars - resulting a 2% increase in trade-in rate compared to the previous fiscal year. Nissan demonstrated how a relationship between an owner and a long-owned car can last forever using subtle 3D scanning technology.