Short List
CategoryB02. Consumer Products
Entrant Company:DDB KOREA Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
Sales Promotion/Advertising Agency:DDB KOREA Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

The Brief

Levi's launched its global Go Forth campaign last year in Korea. But the campaign made little sense to the Korean audience. So we were tasked with creating a campaign that can increase sales for their Stretch-to-Fit jeans, and that could connect with the Korean audience in a unique, Levi's way.

Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation

Instead of focusing on a life-style type campaign, we knew we needed to dramatize the product attribute in a memorable way at as many touch points as possible. So we decided to partner with the Korean National Ballet to bring out the real beauty of our jeans: the Stretchability. With Korea's finest dance troupe, we created a mesmerizing ballet in denim on the streets of gritty, urban Seoul, to show the graceful stretchability of the jeans.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Overall, the campaign saw 2.1 million views in less than a two month period. People spread the word of the ballet via social media and within 6 days, the video saw 100,000 views on YouTube. To top it all off, the featured jeans sold out at record speed becoming the best-sold jeans in the month of April. The jeans also saw a 17% coupon redemption rate, the highest so far in the history of Levi's Korea. Looking at these results, the client was left without words simply saying: 'I take my hat off to you.'

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Most fashion brands in Korea take the easy way out and use a celebrity face to endorse their products. In addition, Korea is a fast-paced, pop-culture addicted society where homogenous creativity remains the rule of thumb. We offered a breath of fresh air, a campaign far different from anything else. Most importantly we created a campaign that not only fascinated people, but connected them with the product.


Name Company Position
Timothy Paradise Tribal Ddb Korea Creative Director
Nahil Kang Tribal Ddb Korea Copywriter
Timothy Paradise Tribal Ddb Korea Art Director
Say-Hwan Kim Tribal Ddb Korea Senior Business Manager/Digital Producer
Dawnsun-Kim Tribal Ddb Korea Senior Designer
Jae-Lim Jeon Tribal Ddb Korea Junior Designer
Jung-Min Choi Tribal Ddb Korea Technical Director
David Meister Tribal Ddb Korea General Manager
Adrian An Ddb Group Korea Ecd