Short List
Product / ServiceSPACE BROTHERS
CategoryA02. Mobile Applications and other Downloadable Tools
EntrantPARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Entrant Company:PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Advertising Agency:PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Position
Hiroki Nakamura/Masashi Kawamura/Qanta Shimizu Creative Director/Technical Director/Art Director
Daisuke Nakamura Technical Director/Web Programing
Takayuki Rokutan Copywriter
Yusuke Kitani/Masanobu Ishii (Kaibutsu) Art Director
Takashi Tanaka(crossfader)/Ai Shimamura(crossfader) System Engineer
Takuya Shiraishi(IMG SRC) Iphone App Developer
Spoon Inc. Movie Production
PARTY Creative Agency

Brief Explanation

The Space Brothers is a popular Japanese comic, about two brothers aspiring to become astronauts. The brief was to attract new fans and to connect with them in a new way, by using social media. Since the theme of the comic is about the dream & struggle to become astronauts', and to go out into space, we developed an iPhone app, which lets people experience this casually. The MOON JUMP allows the users to participate at the same moment and 'jump off the face of the Earth' together to reach the moon. 1. The users will receive an alert to jump at the same time few times a week. 2. The countdown starts 5 minutes before the jump. 3. The distance of jumps by the users around the world will be collected. The more you get close to the moon, the bigger reward they can get. 4. Users can see the list of people who jumped with them at the same time. The ultimate goal is to accumulate the jumps together to reach the moon, and get a chance to win a trip out to space.


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