Bronze Spike

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CategoryA04. Ambient/Alternative Media
Entrant Company:CREATIVE SPIKE Bangkok, THAILAND
DM/Advertising Agency:CREATIVE SPIKE Bangkok, THAILAND
2nd DM/Advertising Agency:SWAT Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Suchada Chai-Aya Creative Spike Co. Chief Creative Officer
Decha Mongkhol Swat Co. Chief Creative Officer
Lode Nandhivajrin Swat Co. Chief Creative Officer
Putthikoon Penwan Swat Co. Creative Director
Bhattara Tanchawalit Swat Co. Copywriter
Anyaporn Chavalparit Swat Co. Copywriter
Chatchai Kunponpitak Creative Spike Co. Producer
Peeravit Pansuwan Swat Co. Art Director
Putthikoon Penwan Swat Co. Art Director
Wongsakorn Jaihuab Creative Spike Co. Planner
Wilawan Sanguanwong Creative Spike Co. Agency Producer

The Brief

Green-consumption means nothing in the daily lives of consumers across Thailand, because there is no financial benefit. If there were nothing to gain, why would they change their attitudes and beliefs? Education is key, and freely available on Our job was to drive traffic to the site, in a way that clearly demonstrated the consequences of not going green.

Creative Execution

Chemicals, hormones and antibiotics cannot be seen with the naked eye. So we made the "invisible visible". Hundreds of eggs became the medium, and with surgical precision, our lab technicians inserted clear plastic strips printed with our message. The eggs were stamped bright red to indicate that something was not right: "In reality, contaminants are not easily seen. See the unseen. Then visit" Visitors to the site could then claim their free box of healthy, chemical free, eggs.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

The insight Thais firmly believe "egg benefit you". Eggs are also used as part of almost every Thai dish. What they don't know is that in the laying and production process, eggs are contaminated with chemicals, growth hormones and antibiotics.


200% increase of site visitors within 24 days. Broadcast media in Thailand quickly picked up on the story, and interviews about "going green" dominated the media landscape. Although the green approach to eggs/food/farming has not radically changed, the initial success of this awareness campaign has led to a bigger marketing budget that will be used to continue the drive until legislation changes and healthy sustainable market is seen as the norm, and not niche!