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Product / ServiceCHUPA CHUPS
CategoryA02. Premiums & Giveaways
Entrant Company:BBH ASIA PACIFIC Singapore, SINGAPORE
DM/Advertising Agency:BBH ASIA PACIFIC Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Steve Elrick BBH Regional Executive Creative Director
Douglas Hamilton BBH Deputy Creative Director
Adrian Chan BBH Deputy Creative Director
Daphne Ng BBH Agency Producer
Felicia Tan BBH Agency Producer
Kristal Nelson Illustrator
Lindsey Cummings BBH Planner
Aidan Gibbons BBH The Mill/Director
David Webster BBH Business Director
Joanna Yeo BBH Associate Account Director
Samantha Dalton BBH Account Executive
Lindsey Cummings BBH Planner
Brell Chen BBH Agency Producer
Fuse Family Audio
The Mill Post Porduction

The Brief

Chupa Chups makers of the famous lollipops asked us to help them get a bigger share of the lucrative, but terrifyingly competitive Halloween candy market. Our strategy was to target both children and adults by positioning Chupa Chups’ lollipops not as a candy, but as a must-have Halloween collector’s item.

Creative Execution

Rather than go head to head with the other candy companies we created an entirely new market – scream prevention – where no competitors existed! The campaign was also bang on the brand’s philosophy of taking “Life Less Serious” - Even being terrified is something to have fun with!

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Instead of selling ourselves as another candy, we repackaged the humble Chupa Chups as the “Scream Stopper”, a high tech device designed to block embarrassing shrieks of terror at their source. By doing this we avoided competing with major candy players, by creating a brand new and untapped market: screamers. To maximize uptake of Scream Stoppers we distributed them in the places they were needed most: horror movie showings, haunted houses and dark alleys across the nation, helping thousands of people take the “ee” out of their Halloween.


Nationally, Chupa Chups’ Facebook fans more than doubled. Over 11% of the population interacted with our page, with over 300% more feedback than our nearest competitor. The top 3 cinemas chains aired our Scream Stopper promotional films campaign free of charge and post-campaign have begun stocking Chupa Chups at their refreshment kiosks, creating a lucrative and previously untapped distribution channel. Most impressively however, the campaign helped our client record their highest grossing Halloween ever. Finally, enough Scream stoppers were distributed to stop 840,000 decibels of screaming terror, roughly the equivalent of 7000 jumbo jets taking off.