Short List
CategoryA04. Ambient/Alternative Media
Entrant Company:TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
DM/Advertising Agency:TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Kazoo Sato TBWA\HAKUHODO Executive Creative Director/Creative Director
Chino Yamaguchi TBWA\HAKUHODO Copywriter
Jeong-Ho Im mount inc. Art Director
Katsuhiro Shimizu/Keisuke Shimizu TBWA\HAKUHODO Graphic Designer
Masahiro Shoda Photographer
Tyo Inc. Monster Division TYO monster Production Company
Daisuke Umeyama TYO monster Producer
Takeshiro Umetsu mount inc. Technical Director
Yuichi Hagiwara mount inc. Producer/Project Management
Yoshitaka Kobayashi TBWA\HAKUHODO Promotion Planner
Masashi Matsukura TBWA\HAKUHODO Interactive Planner
Marie Nakajima TYO monster Production Manager
Yusuke Ueda TYO ID Producer
Toshiya Shuto TYO ID Production Manager
Kotoringo Music
Shinichi Mita kiki Stylist
Eito Furukubo otie Hari Make

The Brief

“Products that offer more effective use of small space/dead space in a home” is the concept behind IKEA products to make a comfortable life at home in Japan in 2012. Our mission was to deliver the message of “the best way to utilize space” in a relevant way and enhance the presence of IKEA in a unique, stylish, fun, ‘IKEA’ way, to especially more new younger target and singles who live in a small living conditions.

Creative Execution

Japanese homes are really quite small and many have weird shapes. Due to the limited space, Japanese people have never cultivated an interest in home furnishings. Our idea could powerfully demonstrate “more effective use of space” inspiration to motivate home furnishing interest and area where we launched meet the target closely, with fully utilizing IKEA products and those functional benefit in a relevant way to Japanese audience.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Install room sets using small, weird, and dead space in “SUKIMA areas” – the narrow spaces between buildings - and link them into an outdoor GALLERY where people can the tangible benefit in a unique and entertaining way. We also launched a website to introduce the gallery and featured a promotion to give away each furniture set to an audience member chosen from those who clicked the Like! button.


Over 100,000 people visited to the outdoor gallery street. The website captured 188,000 PV, with thousands of “likes!” in one week.