Product / ServiceHOSTEL
CategoryB02. Consumer Products & Services
Entrant Company:CREATIVE SPIKE Bangkok, THAILAND
Sales Promotion/Advertising Agency:CREATIVE SPIKE Bangkok, THAILAND

The Brief

Lub d brand positioned itself as crazily fun hostel in the world with a friendly brand tagline, ‘Everyone leaves as friends’, that’s why we created 1 sentence 1 night challenge, Thai tongue-twisting challenge, for welcoming every backpackers to our lobby. The rule is simple. Winner got a free night, loser got a beer but we got clips for making backpackers worldwide who addicted to internet aware our quirky campaign. So, the promotion was most relevant to Lub d’s brand, targets and its staffs also.

Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation

•Backpackers are internet addicts. •Backpackers love to mingle with locals, attempting to learn the language of the country they’re heading to. •Viral in online communities spread through popular social networks and backpackers’ web sites •Local and international media broadcasted the campaign for free, i.e. TV programs, newspaper and magazines •The campaign reached approximately 11 million viewers worldwide •Lub d Hostel received votes from backpackers to be one among top 3 desired-to-stay hostel in a month after the challenge •Thailand Tourism Authority selected as a showcase for excellent marketing strategy for Thailand’s travel industry

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

A quirky promotion with Thai flavor : 1 Sentence 1 Night Challenge, a ‘Thai Tongue-Twisting Challenge’ allowed the person who could speak fluently and closely enough to the original version in each day to be rewarded a free night stay at Lub d Hostel. We recorded all challenge participants and their clips would be re-edited and broadcasted through popular social networking websites. Either winners or losers of this challenge became our presenters !!

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

To make backpackers worldwide aware that Lub d Hostel, a crazily fun and friendly place, waiting to welcome them with non-typical hostel experiences in Bangkok, Thailand.


Name Company Position
Putthikoon Penwan Creative Spike / SWAT Creative Director
Bhattara Tanchavalit Creative Spike / SWAT Copywriter
Lode Nandhivajrin Creative Spike / SWAT Copywriter
Saisin Sinsuk Creative Spike / SWAT Copywriter
Wongsakorn Jaihuab Creative Spike / SWAT Copywriter
Charnpanu Suchaxaya Creative Spike / SWAT Art Director
Lode Nandhivajrin Creative Spike / SWAT Planner
Saisin Sinsuk Creative Spike / SWAT Planner
Wongsakorn Jaihuab Creative Spike / SWAT Planner
Chakkrapong Haesuwannakit Creative Spike / SWAT Account Executive
Chatchai Kunponpitak Creative Spike / SWAT Agency Producer
Chacree Rujiviphat Film Director
Samuchchai Kriengsukpichit Film Editor
Apichart Thaweeaphiradeevicha Camera