Short List
Product / ServiceGALAXY SII
CategoryC01. Integrated Campaign Led by Promo & Activation
Entrant Company:HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Sales Promotion/Advertising Agency:HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN

The Brief

The mobile phone market in Japan has been dominated by domestic manufacturers and thus has been called "Galapagos" for decades. In such a state an international brand, the SAMSUNG GALAXY set a mission to become a respected, loved, and national brand within the Japanese “Galapagos” market. (Aimed to become No.1 in Japan in sales, recognition, and favored.)

Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation

We created a “story” that involved everyone in Japan. The world’s first LIVE communication challenge set in space, enabled by the GALAXY S II. That’s our “SPACE BALLOON PROJECT”. The GALAXY S II was attached to a meteorological balloon and its 90-minute flight to space was streamed live. During the flight more than 3,000 heartfelt messages to enlighten Japan from all sorts of SNS were shown on GALAXY S II’s display in space, many posted LIVE. Messages and icons shown on the GALAXY S II became a LIVE demonstration of its beautiful display.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

- 1.22 million page views (one month after launch of the campaign site.) - Over 380,000 unique viewers of the USTREAM live stream of balloon flights. (Officially the new USTREAM Asia record for a short-term show) - Related tweets of the project: 89,000 - Many Japanese TV news shows, American ABC national and KXTV aired stories about the project, and more than 300 web articles were posted. - After the GALAXY S II went on sale in Japan its sales recorded 200% increase of its prior model. - The same month GALAXY S II’s share in Japan accomplished number one.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Mobile phones connect people. In the world today with fast development of social media and rapidly enlarging communication environment, we aimed to once again let people feel the warmth, and importance of such human connections. After the earthquake and tsunami crisis, social media subscribers increased by 30% in Japan due to rise in community consciousness. By connecting the USTREAM live stream with all sorts of SNS, the journey of one small smart phone became a loved and cheered space project like the Apollo 50 years ago, and the “Return of the Hayabusa” June 2010.


Name Company Position
Takeshi Nozoe Hakuhodo Creative Director
Tsubasa Oyagi Hakuhodo Creative Director/Copywriter
Kampei Baba Bascule Creative Director/Web director
Nobuhiro Arai Hakuhodo Copywriter
Shin Takeuchi Bascule Art Director
Masaya Yamamoto Taiyo Kikaku Director
Inutake Hiroharu Taiyo Kikaku Producer
Hidekatsu Nagasawa Taiyo Kikaku Producer
Koji Mito Aiin Music Producer
Katuya Yamada Aiin Music Producer
Masami Onodera Bascule Technical Director
Kenichiro Tanaka Bascule Technical Director
Kazuhisa Maekawa Bascule Engineer
Yuki Anzai Engineer
Takayuki Watanabe Bascule Interaction Designer
Seiki Nakayama FISHGROVE System Engineer
Tsutomu Yakushijin Hakuhodo Account Director
Kota Takaichi Hakuhodo Account Executive
Masayoshi Boku Bascule Creative Adviser
Changmin Oh SAMSUNG Advertiser’s Supervisor