Product / ServiceDOMINO'S PIZZA
CategoryB02. Consumer Products & Services
Entrant Company:ADK JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
Sales Promotion/Advertising Agency:ADK JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN

The Brief

As a pioneer of the home delivery pizza market in Japan, for years the Domino's Pizza name was synonymous with home-delivered pizza. However, subsequent entry of competing pizza delivery companies created a crowded market characterized by intense competition and the Domino's Pizza presence in the Japanese market became increasingly attenuated. Aiming to once again imprint the image of Domino's Pizza as the pioneer of home delivery pizza in the minds of Japanese consumers, we mounted a PR campaign in 2010, coinciding with the company's 25th anniversary in Japan. Timed to overlap with peak Christmas/New Year demand, the campaign was implemented with an extremely limited budget.

Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation

Recognizing that it would be difficult to attract attention with advertising amidst the constant deluge of delivery pizza ads in Japan, instead of creating ads we opted to disseminate high-impact Domino's related news. Delivery is a popular part-time job for young people . But unlike 25 years ago when Domino's made its Japanese debut, Japan is currently mired in an ongoing economic slump, and the public has become extremely sensitive to money-related topics. Thus we decided to mark the 25th anniversary of Domino's in Japan by recruiting a part-time pizza delivery person at the unprecedented hourly wage of $31000

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

Despite almost zero media expenditure, our campaign received massive media exposure, generating an equivalent ad value of approximately $31,000. Initially fueled by Twitter and other Japanese social networking sites, the message caught fire, becoming a hot topic on-line. This was followed by newspaper, TV and other mass-media coverage, with our part-time job offer eventually picked up by overseas media and generating worldwide attention via a Reuter's wire-service release. The campaign buzz expanded beyond the borders of Japan, generating overseas coverage unprecedented for a domestic campaign. And during their 25th Anniversary Christmas/New Year season, Domino's Pizza recorded record-setting revenues! Man and woman of 20-50 generations when They love a pizza, but am separated from a domino's pizza

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Though publicity insertions were limited to the Domino's Pizza website and a single free-of-charge part-time job tabloid, the buzz generated by the campaign reverberated around the world. Domino's Pizza Japan received more than 100 follow-up queries from all over the world, and more than 10,000 resumes were submitted for the part-time position. Following the selection process, the task assigned the lucky part-timer was to see how far a pizza could be delivered in an hour. Amidst nationwide attention, a Domino's Pizza was successfully delivered to an island more than 100km off the coast of Tokyo in just one hour.


Name Company Position
Yuya Tanaka ADK Campaign Producer
Yuya Tanaka ADK PR director
Yuya Tanaka ADK Planner
Daisuke Kanno TV Bros. Planner
Takumi Kinoshita TV Bros. Planner
Ryuji Ogura TV Bros. Planner
Takaya Endo TV Bros. Planner
Chikako Narushim ADK Arts. Art Director
Kaori Ariyoshi ADK Arts. Designer
Megumi Iwamitsu ADK Arts. Web director
Ayumu Nomura metameme Web director
Harumi Tsunoda metameme Web director
Asuka Yamada metameme Coder
Chiaki Noro ADK Account exective
Ayaka Hashimoto ADK Account exective