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CategoryA01. Event & Field Marketing
EntrantJWT ALWAYS Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company:JWT ALWAYS Shanghai, CHINA
Sales Promotion/Advertising Agency:JWT SHANGHAI, CHINA

The Brief

MJeans is a popular Chinese jeans brand leading youth culture in China. The international brands like Levi’s and Lee had made aggressive moves in launching high-end collections/limited editions to set their leadership stance. MJeans needed to reinvent itself and build its innovative image to cut through the clutter. The objective: To inspire Chinese youth through inventing an unconventional denim wash. Instead of just selling limited edition jeans, we invited consumers to participate in the jeans creation process - “skate wash”.

Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation

MJeans invented an unconventional denim wash called the “Skate Wash. ” MJeans partnered with a Skateboard park and a denim material provider to turn an entire skateboard park into an outdoor “wash machine”, using more than 450 m2 of denim to cover the paths. Through a social networking platform, we invited skateboarders around Shanghai to roll freely on the denim. A unique skate wash denim was born “off the street” under the wheels: We cut the denim and used it for a limited edition street Jeanswear, for sale.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

The skateboard park covered in denim became a new landmark during promotion period. The promotion received considerable hype and media attention on weibo (Twitter in China) and youth magazines. Three hundred and twenty “skate wash” denim were made and sold out within a week.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Why Skateboarding? Skateboarding is an emerging sport and street culture in China among trend-setters, with a huge population of followers. To establish an innovative image, we decided to influence the center of street culture: skateboarders. Jeans are the icons for skateboarders, so skateboarding matched perfectly with the product. And, the wheels on the skateboard are perfect device for creating unconventional “wash” patterns. Why involving the skateboarders to create the limited edition? It is a fun experience for the skateboarders. “Made by Chinese” is also a differentiated advantage for MJeans from the international competitors.


Name Company Position
Elvis Chau JWT Shanghai Executive Creative Director
Rojana Chuasakul JWT Shanghai Creative Director
Gavin Wang JWT Shanghai Art Director
Jun Qian JWT Shanghai Copywriter
Alvin Qi/ Will Zhu JWT Shanghai Designer
Josephine Pan/ Lily Sun JWT Shanghai Client Service
Jane Zhang/ Joan Wang JWT Shanghai Agency Producer
Connie Ho JWT Shanghai Planner
Yang Bin - Producer
Shanghai Kui You Advertising - Production House