Product / ServiceTIGER BEER
CategoryC01. Integrated Campaign Led by Promo & Activation
Sales Promotion/Advertising Agency:JWT BANGKOK, THAILAND

The Brief

Objective: In Thailand, Tiger beer targeted at foreign tourists. But in 2010, the kingdom was brought to a standstill by the opposing protest groups Laws were chaned so that alcoholic beverage could not appear in the media in any form. As the Land of Smiles fell into dark times, our task is to create a campign to encourage visitors to come spending time in Thailand and more importantly, to choose Tiger as the beer that will accompany them on their journey.

Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation

We created a tasty content, the fifty local experiences that tourists had been waiting for, but had been previously unable to uncover. To reach all of Tiger's target groups both backpackers and the more affluent 'flashpackers' content was delivered in a free booklet available from tourist attractions, and via iOS applications. When each tourist accomplished a set mission they created an online account in a bid to become 'The Master of Asia'. Just by uploading their action photos with Tiger for special awards. Tourists could also visit a numbers of Tiger Booths to take part in customized outlet activities.

Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results

- All 20,000 books run out in less than one month. - 25845 Photos was submitted to the website up to date. - More than 25,000 tourists participanted in Tiger roaming booth. - Average spending time for tourist in Thailand in 1st quarter increased from last year by 19%. - Tiger sales in 5 main tourist cities creased by 42%. And despite the recent problems, Thailand's most celebrated quality 'fun' is found to still be in abundance. Leadling the way for travelers, Tiger became their beer of choice accompanying them throughout their journeys.

Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service

Tiger is an Asian beer established in 1932 , the brand intended to become an represent the real taste of Asia. To uncover a series of exotic adventures that only normally attempted by locals or insiders is not only answer the heritage of Tiger but also fulfill the need of beer drinker travelers that look for the bizarre and the downright weird rather than inauthentic cultural expereinces.


Name Company Position
Satit Jantawiwat JWT Bangkok Executive Creative Director
Torsak Chuenprapar JWT Bangkok Assoc. CD
Jate Pattanachinda JWT Bangkok Copywriter
Laurie Osborne JWT Bangkok Copywriter
Teerawut Palanchun JWT Bangkok Senior Graphic Designer
Kasidist Sokantat JWT Bangkok Senior Graphic Designer
Ananya Suraphanmethekorn JWT Bangkok Graphic Designer
Nonglak Rattanapong JWT Bangkok Agency Producer
Drakon Sirakovit JWT Bangkok Senior Communication Planner
Rafiq Ridzwan JWT Bangkok Communication Planner
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