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CategoryC01. Best Integrated Campaign Led by PR


Name Company Position
Steve Coll Euro RSCG Australia Executive Creative Director
Scott Sparks, Peter Maniaty, Gavin Maloney Euro RSCG Australia Creative Team
Amy Friend Euro RSCG Australia TV & Online Producer
Holly Ripper Euro RSCG Australia Group Account Director
Josh Sandford Euro RSCG Australia Senior Account Manager
Anthony Dever Euro RSCG Australia Digital Planner
James Wright Red Agency PR General Manager
Elizabeth McKenzie Red Agency PR Account Manager
Natasha Carroll Red Agency PR Account Executive
Daniel Riesinger Window Productions Director
Jenny Webb Window Productions Head of Production
Brian Hegedus Window Productions Field Producer
Alex Mills Song Zu Sound
Anthony Smith Sandcastle Studios Sound
Heather Gavin Cutting Edge Online
Sarah Brown Cutting Edge Post Production Producer
Grayling Washington DC PR - US support
Cake/Workman Entertainment New York PR - US support
Larissa Coupe Song Zu Sound Producer
Chris Cudlipp Sandcastle Studios Managing Director
Brad Hurt Window Productions Editor
Nick Simkins Window Productions Producer
Beau Simmons Euro RSCG Australia TV Editor

The Campaign

Cleaning product brand Vanish NapiSan wanted its new product range, Oxi Action Crystal White to be famous for keeping white clothes white. In order to create brand awareness around this and engage a broader audience it decided to try and sponsor the world’s most famous white building, the White House. We knew that trying to secure exclusive naming rights and erect a Vanish NapiSan Crystal White billboard on the famous landmark would be enough to fuel a PR and social media campaign. The company sent sponsorship spokesperson Adam Whittaker to the US to seek support from the Americans. The strategy was to document this audacious bid and feed this content into a Facebook page and also use it to spark media interest. We set up meetings for Adam with US politicians, influencers and celebrities, and captured voxpops of Adam putting the idea to regular Americans around the city. When the campaign for THE White House failed, we would then turn it around to sponsor A white house in Australia. The campaign received widespread media coverage in Australia receiving attention in every major national/state based newspaper. 130+ items appeared in the US including CNBC, ABC and two live TV interviews on Fox News, each airing to 50million American homes. Twitter reach was 500,000+ and the Facebook site received 22,000+ visits.

The Brief

This was new campaign territory for the brand and success would be measured in awareness and engagement levels, as opposed to sales. Four focus groups, in addition to voxpops on the streets, were used to research reaction around the creative and to ensure the core audience wouldn’t be alienated. People loved the ‘fun’ and ‘cheekiness’ of the idea, recognising it as a very different approach for Vanish NapiSan. Set KPIs: Deliver 50+ media items. Reach 500,000+ people in Australia through media coverage. Reach 200,000+ through Twitter. 10,000 visits to Facebook site. 120+ quality entrants to end of campaign Sponsor A White House competition.


KPI: Deliver in excess of 50+ media items. Result: 182 achieved. KPI: Reach at least 500,000 people in Australia through media coverage. Result: Australia audience reach: 6,487,077. US audience reach: 503,972,000 KPI: Reach at least 200,000 through Twitter. Result: Audience reach on Twitter has been measured at 565,538 people KPI:10,000 visits to the campaign Facebook site. Result: 21,809 people have visited our Facebook page and there have been 180,196 impressions for our content published to the news feed of our fans. KPI: Campaign end competition (Sponsor A White House) to secure 120 quality entries. Result: Over 250 competition entries received. Other stats: PR value of Australia coverage: AUD$192,316.12 PR value of US coverage: AUD$4,464,700 Coverage appeared as far away as Russia, Czech Republic, Italy and the Middle East. We even had the Australian Government tweeting about the campaign! Youtube: Total views of all upload video is 10,000+ to date.


Seed the story that Vanish NapiSan is launching this ground-breaking campaign to Australian media. Letters seeking support sent to US Members of Congress. Facebook site created for the public to back our bid. Announced via a pitch video to President Obama that a spokesperson was being sent to ‘negotiate’ the deal. These ‘negotiations’ would be filmed and seeded back into Facebook and with media. Sought engagement from a DC lobbying firm, Grayling, to support us – they would help set-up meetings with influencers/politicians. Grayling agreed to allow us to leak to US media that we had appointed them to work with us, adding to our credibility. Following the leak we formally announced our campaign in the US. Our theme was -Australia’s economy is doing well, we can provide you with much needed cash Mr President. Following expected feedback from Australians we decided to move the campaign to search for an Australian ‘white house’.

The Situation

Trusted by generations of Australians, Vanish NapiSan is synonymous with effective fabric stain removal. Now with its new Oxi Action Crystal White range it wants to be equally famous for keeping white clothes white. Vanish NapiSan had a tried and tested way to market its cleaning and detergent products in what is a low interest category. However, the brand set a challenge: it wanted to undertake a bold campaign that took their message to a broader audience, in addition to its core buyer Mums (30-50). It was particularly keen to see how social media could be used for the first time to benefit its brand.

The Strategy

Vanish NapiSan wants to be famous for making white clothes white – we are looking for a building sponsorship, the White House is a perfect fit! Set out on a campaign to seek support for exclusive building naming rights and demonstrate our commitment to securing a deal. Use the US debt crisis that was taking place as the ‘hook’ for gaining PR interest. Stir up US debate, positioning the AUD$25,000 sponsorship as a novel way to help the US government raise revenues without raising taxes. Document the journey of spokesperson Adam Whittaker in Washington DC in his quest to get politicians/influencers on-board with the campaign. Use the content from his journey on our Facebook site and with media to power the campaign – gaining support back home. As the campaign was expected to fail, return home to sponsor a white house in Australia. Entrants to our search for a ‘White House’ in Australia would create case studies for media.