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Product / Service361
CategoryC02. Viral & Email Marketing, e-cards etc.
Advertising/Web Design Agency:OGILVY SHANGHAI, CHINA

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BRAND BACKGROUND 361 is one of China’s 3rd largest sportswear brands specializes in footwear, apparel and accessories. CHALLENGE Just like the rest of the world, China loves the World Cup more than any other sporting event. But this year there was one major problem. Time zones. The last match of the every evening was broadcast at 2:30 am in China. By the time the match had ended, it’s almost time for work again. During the thirty days of the World Cup, millions of fans would either struggle to drag themselves back to the office, take sick leave or miss the matches. 361 wanted to give these dedicated fans the one thing they would need most: More sleep. IDEA We delayed the workday. We proposed that employees begin working 1, 2 or 3 hours later than usual and stay the same number of hours at end of the day. RESULTS 7,211,075 petitions were sent Covered by CCTV, Sports Illustrated and other major news networks Covered by over 540,000 blogs 4,102,954 people had their workday delayed 12,508 global and local companies participated in the project Generated US $5.7 million worth of free media coverage and "DELAY THE WORKDAY" became a popular online saying ________________________________ HOW IT WORKS Use RenRen - China's largest social media site to influence colleagues into petitioning the boss. Our application empowered employees to rally together and send petitions to delay the workday. HR DEPARTMENT Petitions were sent to the HR department. BOSS Finally, the boss received the collection and felt the pressure to delay the workday.


Name Company Position
Kevin Lee Ogilvy Shanghai Executive Creative Director
Adams Fan/Kelvin Leong Ogilvy Shanghai Creative Director
Zhang Lei/Kevin Lee/Kelvin Leong/Haibo Huang/Xiao Kun/Tianli Liu Ogilvy Shanghai Art Director
Adams Fan/Ryan Falch/Pickle Guo Ogilvy Shanghai Copywriter
Zhang Lei/Kevin Lee Ogilvy Shanghai Designer
Kevin Lee/Zhang lei Ogilvy Shanghai Typographer
Chookian Khoo Ogilvy Shanghai Photographer
Aywei Wong/Weisian Lee Ogilvy Shanghai Agency Producer
Attic Post Attic Post Post Production House
ChyeYee Chow Attic Post Post Producer
Wang Fang Editor
Jeep Chow Motion Graphics
Hush Studios, Shanghai Hush Studios, Shanghai Sound Studio
Jizheng Liu Ogilvy Shanghai Account supervisor