CategoryB05. Public Affairs
Entrant Company:ADK JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
PR/Advertising Agency:ADK JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Hiroyuki Fujishiro NTT RESONANT Reader
Makoto Okamoto ACADEMIC RESOURCE GUIDE Data Base Producer
Masaki Sawamura NTT Resonant Data Base Producer
Yuzo Akakura JIJI Press Data Base Producer
Utako Tamai NTT East Data Base Producer
Hirotaka Kawashima Waseda Univ Data Base Producer
Akiko Wada Data Base Producer
Kazunari Hosokawa Dentsu Public Relations PR&Communication Director
Jun Niki ADK Intaractive PR&Communication Director
Minoru Fujisaki PR&Communication Director
Rika Katsuguchi PR&Communication Director
Yasufumi Tanaka NPO&Vorunteer Coordinator
Takayuki Kitamura NPO&Vorunteer Coordinator
Yuki Hayashida Saitama Univ Reader of the student volunteer
Miki Kouka Keio Univ Reader of the student volunteer
Megumi Kataoka Komazawa Univ Reader of the student volunteer
Other Many sutudent Volunteers

The Campaign

The Great East Japan Earthquake struck on March.11. 2011. However, compared with the Great Hanshin Earthquake (1995), volunteer aid workers have been fewer.

The Brief

If we were to create a single new volunteer website, the reach would be limited. Major media and bloggers must supply accurate volunteer information.


(Media exposure effect) VIS activities were introduced by in major TV, newspaper, internet news and social media. Estimated value of media exposure in NTV, the Asahi Shimbun and yahoo news approx. 12 million dollars (Adoption of our data) VIS data was adopted by the Tasukeai Japan Project (in cooperation with the Japanese Cabinet Secretariat's Disaster Volunteer Coordination Office). Major portal sites that use the VIS database to deliver volunteer information include: Yahoo (http://shinsai.yahoo.co.jp/), goo (http://busshi.311.goo.ne.jp/), msn(http://eastjapaneq.jp.msn.com/volunteer/) nifty (http://www.nifty.com/navi/cs/volunteer/list/1.htm) sinsai.info (http://www.sinsai.info/) (Contribution to volunteer increase) In the first 8 days of operation, the Sendai VIS Center was utilized by 3,700 people.


Step 1 Launch of Japan Volunteer Information Station (VIS) as an 'information volunteer' that gathers information from wire services, ad agencies, media, universities NPOs and Students and supplies accurate information for potential volunteers. Step 2 Construction of the VIS database of volunteer information. Database is constantly updated by student volunteers and made available via an Open API. Step 3 Press releases and briefing sessions to call for cooperation from the media, bloggers and mashup content creators to produce and publish content using the VIS database. 'Information Volunteers' who donate time and effort to supply accurate information also fulfill a vital volunteer role. Step 4 Gallery of mashups of volunteer information and establishment of a 'real world' VIS center in Sendai. Sendai VIS Center provides detailed 'on site' information.

The Situation

Many want to volunteer, but cannot find any media that supplies accurate information for volunteers. Consequently, there has been mismatching of volunteers and needs, and lost opportunities.

The Strategy

We constructed a database (Open API) of the latest volunteer information that anyone could use to publish on their own initiative or create mashup content. As a result, we have facilitated the creation of diverse and multiple media that will supply potential volunteers with the very latest information.