CategoryA05. Best Launch or Re-Launch


Name Company Position
Junita Kartikasari Procter&Gamble Home Products Indonesia PR Manager
Bambang Sumaryanto Procter&Gamble Home Products Indonesia PR Director
Daisy Setiawan BBDO/PROXIMITY INDONESIA General Manager
Didit Indra BBDO/PROXIMITY INDONESIA Executive Creative Director
Puri Erlangga BBDO/PROXIMITY INDONESIA Creative Director
Edhy Bawono BBDO/PROXIMITY INDONESIA Strategic Planning and New Business Director
Suryani Widodo BBDO/PROXIMITY INDONESIA Senior Art Director
Joko Nugroho BBDO/PROXIMITY INDONESIA Senior Art Director
Aviani Primasari BBDO/PROXIMITY INDONESIA Marketing Communication Manager
Ella Lailah BBDO/PROXIMITY INDONESIA Senior Production
Syaiful Hadi BBDO/PROXIMITY INDONESIA Production Director
Katrina Hutagaol BBDO/PROXIMITY INDONESIA Media Relations

The Campaign

Indonesia Hair Care market is dominated by 3 giant brands: Pantene, Sunsilk and Clear. Though ADEX of P&G Pantene has always been only 70% of ADEX of Unilever Sunsilk*, it has managed to be the market leader for the past three years. In August 2010, Pantene was to launch its new Pack. The challenge was how to engage the media people and get them to spread the excitement nationwide even before the launch date! We did the PR Event in 2 phases: Mystery (19 July – 1 August): We created a Mysterious Salon in the form of a cozy tent, in front of Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, and offered free hairwash using this mysterious shampoo. Launch (2 August): We revealed the brand and showcased the 60 years journey of Pantene. The Result: 724 product trials & over 130,000 mall visitors witnessed the 14 days event. 104 media titles made it a major story that reached 172,287,600 people! It also became the trending topic on Social Media. News coverage value reached USD 1,157,896, or 12x the event budget! Pantene’s market share jumped from <20% prior to the event to 23.4%* after the event! * AC Nielsen Nov 2010

The Brief

To use and maximize the powerful influence of the media and KOLS to drive awareness, spread the news on the new Pantene to as many TA as possible, and do it in an ENGAGING, EFFICIENT and CREDIBLE way. KPI: Target Product Trial = Maximum Capacity of Salon Time needed to serve 1 person is 30 minutes Salon opens for 8 hours/daily We have 3 seats in salon Maximum Capacity of Salon = 48 people/8 hours/day = 672 people for 14 days Target ROI was 1 : 7 (Budget Event vs News Coverage Value)


The result exceeded expectation. A total of 724 people (vs target of 672) tried the shampoo,found their First Moment of Truth. Over 130,000 mall visitors (i) witnessed the event during the 14 days salon activity. The news on our event became major stories on 104 media titles nationwide, including TV stations, radio stations, print media and news portals, reaching 172,287,600 people!(ii) It became the trending topic on Social Media - Twitter and FaceBook (iii) The event’s news coverage value reached USD 1,157,896, or was 12x the event budget! Achieved ROI 1:12 (vs original target ROI 1 : 7) Pantene’s market share also jumped from <20% before the event, to 23.4% (iv) after the launch, further strengthening Pantene as #1 Shampoo in Indonesia! (i) Grand Indonesia’s Traffic Note (ii) Media Impression Data (iii) AgencyClient’s documentation (iv) AC Nielsen Nov 2010 (v) The GOLD Winner in PR Program of the Year by Indonesian Marketing Magazine 2011


We created the salon in the form of a cozy tent and set-up at the front of Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall, one of the busiest malls in Jakarta. The Launch of this free salon was attended by 48 media titles, and during the 14 days there were 6 top celebrities, 73 media people and 645 women who tried our mysterious shampoo. The WOM and news about this mysterious shampoo went ballistic. Two radio stations even did live-reports from our salon. The launch event in August attracted 105 media people. The event also showcased the Pantene’s journey to accomodate the various hair trends for the past 6 decades. Brand Ambassadors, Alfons and Pantene hair experts explained about the New Pantene and its unique formula. The 724 people who tried this shampoo earlier also gave their testimonials on the Transformation Walls, that they tried & they loved Pantene!

The Situation

Hair Care Market in Indonesia is very competitive, there are big brands by Unilever such as: Sunsilk and Clear. There are also brands from KAO, L’Oreal, and Wings. They all aggressively do advertisements on TV, Radio and Print. P&G Indonesia’s Pantene advertising spending is only around 70% of Unilever’s Sunsilk. However, P&G has been using PR activities as smart tool to reach out and talk to their target audiences nationwide, at only a small fraction of budget. And this has helped Pantene to be the market leader for the past three years.

The Strategy

Our idea was inspired by the fact that to convince women about product, we must make them try and prove it themselves to believe it (First Moment Of Truth). We shall let them experience this new shampoo without revealing the brand to get their genuine comments. In Phase 1: we worked with Indonesian Top Hairstylist; Alfons, and created the 14 Days Hair Transformation Salon. We offered free hairwash and hairstyle to anyone interested in trying this mysterious shampoo. We used Alfon’s credibility and vast customer data base to connect us with potential target audiences. Together we encouraged hundreds of women, including female journalists, to experience the mysterious shampoo at our salon. We only used WOM promotion, SMS & BBM Blast and Social Media. In Phase 2: we used Brand Ambassadors, Alfons and the 724 people who tried the product to use their influence to endorse the New Pantene.