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Name Company Position
Nestle Philippines, Inc.
Publicis Manila, Inc.
John Martin Miller Nestlé Philippines, Inc. Chairman and CEO
Sandra Puno Nestlé Philippines, Inc. Communications Director
Leslie Go Alcantara Nestlé Philippines, Inc. Creative Services Manager
Matec Villanueva Publicis Manila, Inc. Chairman and CEO
Marlon Rivera Publicis Manila, Inc. President and CCO
Laurie Lee Publicis Manila, Inc. Associate Business Unit Director
Jayel Ladioray Publicis Manila, Inc. Creative Director
Jem Lim Just Add Water Producer
Chris Martinez Straight Shooters Media, Inc. Director
Raul Jorolan Hot Salad Productions Director
Jun Reyes Unitel Productions, Inc. Director
Sid Maderazo 88storey Films Director
A/F Benaza Revolver Studios, Inc. Director
Jeorge Agcaoili Production Village, Inc. Director
Stephen Ngo FilmPabrika, Inc. Director
Henry Frejas Film Experts, Inc. Director
Carlo Directo FilmPabrika, Inc. Director
Ed Tamayo ComHorizon, Inc. Chairman and CEO

The Campaign

For a century, Nestlé has provided millions of Filipino families with the tastiest and healthiest products, making it the most trusted FMCG company in the Philippines. On its centenary, Nestlé aims to strengthen consumer TRUST for the company and its brands by reaffirming its commitment to continue nurturing Filipino families with “Good Food, Good Life.” Thus, the line KASAMBUHAY, HABAMBUHAY was coined for the campaign to showcase how Nestlé has truly been the Filipino families’ Companion in Life, For Life. The campaign begins by returning to where “good food” started - the dining table. 100 dining tables were built in 100 minutes and were donated to a community-building advocacy group. This feat won the Guinness Book of World Records. The campaign also shared many “good life” stories. A TV spot dramatized being “companions in life, for life” and a 100-minute short film anthology was co-created with companion directors in the industry, and was shown for free in cinemas nationwide. The TV ad was hailed as most memorable and generated much talk across nearly all vectors. The films were exhibited at Cannes Lions and Cinemalaya - Philippines’ biggest independent film festival.

The Brief

The objective is to strengthen consumer TRUST for Nestle and its brands and to renew the commitment towards another century of nourishing Filipinos with “Good Food, Good Life.” To validate, Millward Brown conducted a FGD. It showed that it’s important to dial-up both the rational and emotional drivers in order to strengthen consumer TRUST. For 100 years, Filipino families have put their trust on Nestle and its brands. The campaign is a celebration of a century-long relationship with them and a way to thank and honor these families who have made Nestle a part of their everyday lives.


The dining table building won the Guinness World Record for the largest carpentry lesson. The tables were donated to a community-building advocacy group and included 600 plates inscribed with the company’s nutrition guide to encourage good dietary habits, as part of the company’s advocacy. The TVC is at the top 2% of all Millward Brown Adlink-tested ads in the Philippines, in terms of branding. It garnered 124,770 Youtube hits, 3 weeks after it was first uploaded, a record high for Nestlé Philippines. The Nestlé Philippines Youtube views catapulted to more than 1,000,000, making Nestlé Philippines No.1 among FMCG companies, and No.2 in the Nestlé world. Over 25,000 consumers watched the 2-day screening of the short films in 5 cinemas nationwide, and more than 5,000 viewers during local and international movie premieres. The short films created buzz online, generating over 600,000 views within one month.


During the annual sales kick-off of Nestlé Philippines (January 28, 2011), a team-building activity was conducted among the employees wherein 100 dining tables were built in 100 minutes and donated to a community-building advocacy group. 600 dinner plates inscribed with the Nestle Nutrition Guide were given to the families to encourage dietary habits. The TVC which featured a heart-warming story of an ideal Filipino family relationship was launched on April 3, 2011, during the anniversary of Nestlé. The TVC will air on local and cable channels for the entire centennial year of Nestle. 10 short films told in 100 minutes of how Nestle has been a companion in life and for life of Filipinos was shown for FREE during the Philippine Independence Day weekend (June 11 and 12, 2011) in cinemas nationwide. The films also premiered on TV (July 10 and 23, August 14 and 20).

The Situation

Nestle and all its brands have always stood for delicious taste, health and wellness. In one hundred years of providing Good Food, Good Life, Nestle has become the most trusted FMCG company in the Philippines. The centennial celebration of Nestlé in the Philippines is an opportunity to strengthen consumer TRUST for Nestlé and its brands. It is a celebration of the 100 year-old relationship of the company with Filipinos and is an opportunity to renew the commitment to nourish generations of Filipino families with the tastiest and healthiest products for the next 100 years.

The Strategy

On its 100th year, Nestlé Philippines commemorates a company milestone in a relevant way to those who have been the true reason for the company’s success – the Filipino families. Generations of Filipinos who have put their TRUST in Nestle and its brands, and have welcomed Nestle into their homes these many years. Thus, the centennial theme – Kasambuhay Habambuhay (Companion in Life, for Life). During an FGD conducted, respondents were spontaneously sharing how Nestle is their “Kasambuhay” (“It’s as if Nestlé can replace my spouse”) and their experience with the brands (“I remember growing up on Nestlé products.”) Each Filipino consumer has a unique Nestle story to share. Nestle was greatly inspired by the multitude of stories of how Nestle has been a Kasambuhay Habambuhay to close to 100 million Filipinos for 100 years. These stories were then told in a TV spot and in 100-minute short film anthology.