CategoryB03. Corporate Reputation


Name Company Position
June Laffey McCann Healthcare Creative Director
Kate Chisnall McCann Healthcare Art Director
Petra Hamish McCann Healthcare Designer
Rob Liversage McCann Healthcare Medical Writer
Emma Johnson McCann Healthcare Medical Writer
Gary Pattison McCann Healthcare Managing Director

The Campaign

Get Me Healthy was an in-house initiative to prove to employees and clients alike that we are a healthcare agency that actually cares about health. Their health. Challenge: We work in the healthcare world, and know the therory and the high-science of pharmaceuticals, but we were not - aware of the small things we could do to make big improvements, in our health. Also we needed to create "magic" to help us get noticed and win business in a tough market. We only had 10K to spend. Objective: For our staff - to increase knowledge, impact health and well-being, and potentially save lives. For clients - to create goodwill and thereby maintain loyalty, and possibly win new business. Strategy: We created a 12 week themed programme that was both educational and fun, which made our employees aware of their individual health goals (through a personalized assement and on-going quizes) and provided them with the information and resources they needed to improve their lifestyle. We got clients involved with direct mail, facebook and a blog. The outcome - massive health improvements in some, smaller yet noticable results in others, 100% participation, 2 substantial new business wins and GetMeHeatlhy was adopted internationally.

The Brief

The objective was two fold. Firstly - To make health improvements to our staff, and obviously maintain loyalty and build culture. To help staff members improve their life-styles and their health knowledge - and potentially save lives. Secondly - To prove to existing clients and potential new clients that we are different from others - with this initiative we set out to prove that we are a healthcare agency that actually cares about health. We hoped this would help us maintain business and win new business.


GetMeHealthy had 100% participation by a staff of 80. Some individuals reported amazingly noticible results - and every single person agrees it made a positive impact on their life. See the video for more results - in a nutshell more than 20% reported a drop in weight - with Madeliene losing 10kg and Johnny 9Kg. Anikka and Vince finally quit smoking, Gary, Chris, Peter and Ivan formed a running group which is still going. Increases in flexibility and fitness, and decrease in stress was widely reported. 3 healthy babies were conceived to Roshie, Kate and Sin, and following Sleep week Jess helped detect potentially fatal sleep apnea in a relative. GetMeHealthy helped us win new business (Spiriva and Invega Susteena) worth 1/2 million dollars. All for an outlay of 10K. It has been seen as such a good initiative by McCann, GetMeHealthy is being adoped by some international offices.


GetMeHealthy was lauched on the first day of Spring (for fit looking summer bodies) with an introductory talk by TV celebrity/nutritionist Joanne McMillan, and every employee was given a starter pack and personal health assessment for them to set goals.The twelve weeks were themed: Launch week, Mental Health, Water week, Sleep week, Bones/Teeth week, Active week, Alcohol week, Environment week, Nutrition Week, Mens' Health Week, Diabetes Week and Wrap Week. Daily posters and tips were posted around the building and on everyone's PCs. Each week had a themed guest speaker, which included olympic champions, surf-lifesavers, professors, and a TV personality Activities such as no-lift day, pledge wall, massage day, belly dancing, sleep/dream workshops were planned to appropriate weeks. A fresh apple with information about GetMeHealthy pointing to a Facebook page and blog was hand delivered by staff - who in the spirit of GetMeHealthy - jogged to the clients' offices.

The Situation

We work in healthcare - but we were'nt doing anything to prove to our staff or our clients that we really care about health. Neither to our knowledge was any other healthcare agency in the world. We had 5 phDs on staff and the opportunity to develop substantial informative materials in print, posters and an online blog. We saw an opportunity to develop an initiative that not only improved the well-being of our employees - but improve our culture and also develop a story that could help us win over new business clients. But we only had 10K to spend.

The Strategy

We planned a twelve week programme to educate staff on all different aspects of health and well-being - with weekly themes covering everything from nutrition to alcohol awareness to mens' health to environmental health. We wanted to give staff information in bite size pieces, starting with an individualized health assesment and recomenndation, so they knew where their weaknesses were. To make it fun, we planned for weekly talks from diverse personalities. We also planned activities eg running groups to special events, eg no lift day, quizzes and workshops to keep interest high. To make it educational, we planned for our inhouse brains trust of 5 phD to prepare content for posters and online. Of course we needed to tell prospective clients what we were doing so we planned a direct mail piece that would be hand delivered by staff joggers, a facebook page and a blog.