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Product / ServiceTHE TIMES OF INDIA
CategoryE01. Integrated Campaign Led by Promo
Entrant Company:TAPROOT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA
DM/Advertising Agency:TAPROOT INDIA Mumbai, INDIA



Name Company Position
Agnello Dias Taproot India Executive Creative Director
Santosh Padhi Taproot India Executive Creative Director
Agnello Dias Taproot India Copy Writer
Santosh Padhi Taproot India Art director
Chintan Ruparel Taproot India Copy Writer
Abhishek Sawant Taproot India Art Director
Rahul Kansal The Times Of India Chief Marketing Officer
Priya Gupta The Times Of India Vice President
Manan Mehta Taproot India Managing Partner
Kaushal Dhoker Taproot India Account Manager
Kaushik Iyer Taproot India Copy Writer
Swadha Kulkarni Footcandles Films Executive Producer
Vinil Mathew Footcandles Films Director

The Brief

Though Indo-Pak relations have often been strained, the aftermath of the Mumbai terror attacks saw a disturbing trend. The educated, urban citizen too was falling prey to jingoistic emotional agendas and the chorus of hate was growing. Many hundred discussion hours with the cross country editorial team who are in daily touch with ground realities provided enough research evidence to suggest that this legacy of intense hatred was being passed on systematically from generation to generation. The objective therefore was to promote a deeper understanding of our neighbours by bringing alive the commonality of our musical, literary and cultural roots.

Creative Execution

The media is often seen as voyeuristic, sensationalist and even unethical in its quest for the competitive advantage. Therefore, when the largest, most-respected media group in India joined hands with the largest media group in Pakistan in a historic first, to take a courageous stance for peace over the seemingly more newsworthy atmosphere of hostility and war, it was a unprecedented step forward. And to do this by drawing on the mass common heritage the two nations share in music, literature, poetry, food and culture from a time when the two nations were one, makes it an apt promotion.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

On 1st Jan. 2010, the world's largest-read English newspaper joined hands with Pakistan's biggest media group in a historic first to put out perhaps the most courageous front page in Indian media history. LOVE PAKISTAN was a two-word idea that kicked off not only an audacious crusade for peace in the face of extreme hostility, but also sparked off a debate that cut a wide swathe across common citizens on both sides of the border. Eventually, a series of music & literature festivals saw Pakistani artistes braving the fundamentalists to cross into India and perform to overwhelming popular response.


The movement sparked off a raging debate on friendship and understanding versus a more populist call for vengeance. But today it has: - Music & screen icons on both sides joining the cause - Massive media PR worth over US$ 2.5 million - Commended by governments around the world - Cross-border Business & Trade Convention on the anvil - Over 40 user-generated videos - Over 80,000 Youtube views for the TVC - 150+ blogs and over 15,000 dialogues - 5 large Facebook communities - 12 huge Music Festivals - 4 Poetry and Literature Festivals - ONE RENEWED HOPE FOR PEACE