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Product / ServiceTHEATRE
CategoryA03. Company Literature
Entrant Company:Y&R THAILAND Bangkok, THAILAND
DM/Advertising Agency:Y&R THAILAND Bangkok, THAILAND



Name Company Position
Trong Tantivejakul Y&R THAILAND Chief Creative Officer
Marcus Rebeschini Y&R ASIA Chief Creative Officer
Veris Na Songkhla Y&R THAILAND Graphic Group Head
Trong Tantivejakul Y&R THAILAND Copy writer
Amornmarn Rattanarakpinyo Y&R THAILAND Producer
Benjawan Sengtee Y&R THAILAND Producer Coordinator
Wichitra Tritodtrakoon Y&R THAILAND Account Management
Visionary Illustrator
Fiftyone Bangkok Photographers

The Brief

Find the way to promote Aksra Theatre. Aksra Theatre is a magical place where the traditional art of Thai puppetry comes to life. Everyday, complex and beautiful performances can be seen by Thais and foreigners as they enjoy a unique setting that preserves precious Thai cultural heritage. This is rare to see in present day and is considered a dying art.

Creative Execution

To keep with this tradition, we have created a new set of business cards which have 4 leading characters from the puppetry on the cards-Hanuman, Totsakan, Prince Rama, and Princess Sita. Receivers can see and interact with a puppet on the card in the exact same way as they would in the real performance.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

To reinvigorate “the Aksra Theatre” so that Thais and foreigners could continue to enjoy a unique setting that preserves precious Thai cultural heritage so we created a new set of business cards to get people to experience the art form themselves.


While it is difficult to attribute success to business cards, we have found that these cards intrigue, enchant and leave a unique impression that can not be found anywhere else but at "The Aksra Theatre". We hope that we have done something to save a beautiful art form.