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Product / ServiceNIKE CTR360
CategoryD03. Merchandising/In-store Marketing & Point of Purchase Displays
Entrant Company:OGILVY & MATHER Singapore, SINGAPORE
DM/Advertising Agency:OGILVY & MATHER Singapore, SINGAPORE



Name Company Position
Peter Moss Ogilvy Singapore Executive Creative Director
Melvyn Lim Ogilvy Singapore Creative Director
Xander Lee Ogilvy Singapore Designer
Tan Lui Kun Make Studios Designer
Jack Tan Make Studios Designer
Ong Hon Tat Make Studios Programmer
Lee Xhin Xhin Composer

The Brief

The objectives behind this brief were simple: create something as unique and original as the new Nike CTR360 football boot that was to hit the shelves. Up until now, they had an A4 fact sheet in-store and for this launch, they wanted something that communicated the benefits in a totally new way. The insight was all around control and a younger audience's desire to seek information in a more 'game-like'way. So we changed the way this audience was informed about the product.

Creative Execution

The great thing about having the Nike Trackball in its flagship stores was that it quite simply removed any distance from the sell and shoes. Once people had engaged with Trackball, they fully undertstood what the Nike CTR360 football was about, why it was the perfect boot for ball control and simply has to ask the nearest person for a pair in their size.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

With a lot of late nights, misadventure, passion and belief. because it hadn't been done before, there were a number of technology issued to resolve, but we had no doubt that it could be done. We just had to figure out how we could build the Nike Trackball at a cost that made sense to our client.


The real result for Trackball was not the fact that they sold out of the product. There were two unsuspecting benefits that ensure long-term presence in store (with more stores coming on board). Firstly, after interacting with Trackball, customers simply asked to try the product without any further sell from in-store staff. secondly, because the interface is software, thsi device can be used to promote any of their up and coming oriduct lines in the same way.