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Product / ServiceYELLOW PAGES
CategoryA05. Alternative Media
Entrant Company:COLENSO BBDO Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
DM/Advertising Agency:COLENSO BBDO Auckland, NEW ZEALAND


The Brief

A generation is growing up googling everything. We needed to make and keep the Yellow brand alive in the hearts and minds of this generation. To move perceptions of the Yellow pages being an big antiquated book your folks used to find stuff, to now being a modern relevant tool, online and off, that can help anyone get any job done. We didn’t want to just tell this young cynical audience, we wanted to prove it. We wanted to get them to participate with the brand online. And give them some tangible proof. Literally.

Creative Execution

We challenged a very average New Zealander, Josh, to accomplish a project using only businesses found in the Yellow pages. To create and launch a chocolate bar that tasted of yellow. TV spots highlighted his progress pointing consumers to his website to watch webisodes, chat, make suggestions, and see the businesses that had helped. Consumers could also join his fan page on Facebook and sign up for tweets. Five months later, he launched his yellow tasting chocolate bar. A piece of DM - the bar carried the story. Solid proof that with Yellow pages you can get any job done.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We were able to demonstate with a real life, real time project, how even a want–to-be musician, ex photocopier salesman, could get a job, he was not at all skilled in, done using the Yellow pages. The proof of which people could read about, touch, smell and even taste. A modern and relevant demonstration of the Yellow pages that literally ended up in the hands of consumers. As more and more people got on board with Josh’s journey to accomplish the task he’d been given, anticiaption, discusssion, and debate around what the taste of yellow grew and grew. To the point where consumers would actually pay for the final element. New Zealand’s fastest selling new chocolate bar in ten years was actually a piece of direct marketing for the Yellow pages.


Josh’s yellow tasting chocolate bar was the fastest selling new chocolate bar in New Zealand in ten years. People queued to pay $2 for our piece of DM. (With a 100% opening rate!) Some supermarkets sold out on launch day and bars traded online for up to $320. More than 80 000 followed the campaign online, 16 000 Facebook fans (now a NZ Facebook case study) and 800 twitter followers. Use of Yellow online grew 9%. It was the most talked about campaign in New Zealand and proved that with Yellow an ordinary bloke can get an extraordinary job done.