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CategoryA02. Premiums & Giveaways
EntrantBBH CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
Entrant Company:BBH CHINA Shanghai, CHINA
DM/Advertising Agency:BBH CHINA Shanghai, CHINA



Name Company Position
Johnny Tan BBH China Executive Creative Director
Leo Zhang BBH China Associate Creative Director
Jeffrey Sun BBH China Senior Art Director
Carol Ong BBH China Associate Creative Director
Jimmy Liu BBH China DTP Artist
Ken Wang BBH China Production Manager
Jasmine Huang BBH China Account Director
Joyce Hong BBH China Account Manager
Natalie Ann BBH China Account Executive

The Brief

In China, young moms have a misconception that brain development is all about IQ. Not many are aware that the brain has two main regions: the Cerebrum that focuses on intelligence; and the often neglected Cerebellum that’s crucial for motor skills. Nanshan Bywise launched an infant milk formula with special nutrients to help develop both brain regions. The task was to create flyers that educate Chinese moms about the importance of nurturing both brain regions. Originally, it was simply to supplement a TVC.

Creative Execution

By enhancing an existing behavior, Nanshan engaged moms every day with the message, “Nanshan develops both parts of your baby’s brain.” Instead of just being a flyer for a TV campaign, the Nanshan ABCDance Cards became a powerful brand-building tool that communicates, engages, and empowers moms with the brand.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Chinese moms love teaching their kids the English alphabet. So instead of flyers, we designed special flash cards to help develop both parts of a child’s brain. The Nanshan ABCDance Cards. It combines alphabets with baby calisthenics. It’s a simple concept. But with these special gestures, young kids learn faster. And their motor skills get exercised while memorizing their ABCs. The cards were distributed through an initial set of influencers in Changsha city hospitals and pre-schools; to help them educate moms on the importance of nurturing both brain regions.


The Nanshan ABCDance Cards was launched only recently, thus full results are not available yet. However, initial feedback had been very positive. Colleagues and managers of our initial set of 100 influencers in Changsha city hospitals and pre-schools have contacted Nanshan asking for whether more card sets are available, leading Nanshan to plan a second wave of ABCDance Card to be sent to 20,000 key influencers (hospital workers, health care professionals, preschool teachers etc.) in Hunan province.