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Product / ServiceCHOCOLATE BAR
CategoryA05. Alternative Media
Entrant Company:JWT NEW ZEALAND Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
DM/Advertising Agency:JWT NEW ZEALAND Auckland, NEW ZEALAND



Name Company Position
Peter Ogden JWT Auckland Executive Creative Director
Angus Hennah JWT Executive Creative Director
Mike Ramsay JWT Auckland Copywriter
Jordan Young JWT Auckland Art Director
Darryn Warhaft JWT Auckland Producer
Megan Robertson JWT Auckland Producer
Simon Fitch JWT Auckland Account Director/Managing Director
Louise Redshaw JWT Auckland Account Manager
Karl Moody Bootleg
Sandra Lee Nestle NZ Brand Activation Manager

The Brief

Since it’s launch in 1935, Kit Kat has become an iconic brand with an iconic brand idea “Have a break, Have a Kit Kat”. We wanted to reinvigorate this idea among 18-25 year olds who we hadn’t communicated with before and “traditional” was not to be used as part of the media mix. We needed something they could engage with but this audience is getting harder to reach through at-home channels, so where better to engage them than at key summer events around Auckland city with an innovative idea.

Creative Execution

The idea engaged our audience in a relevant way, offering them a non-intrusive brand encounter that added value to their concert experience. The idea tapped into a real need at these events and at the same time it delivered on the Kit Kat brand idea; That a Kit Kat is part of every good break.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We wanted to create an engaging talking point that gelled with the environment. The idea of a “pop out chair” was developed, and with strategic placement around music and movie events, it engaged people in a way that was both intriguing and promoted the brand idea. Consumers could walk up to a poster, pop the various parts out and make a plywood chair, that they could then use around the event. The poster ‘chair frame’ remained in place showing people had chosen to have a break with Kit Kat, and the message was also taken wherever the chair went – anyone who saw the chair connected Kit Kat with having a break.


The chair was an instant success, with posters being erected around Auckland city on the day prior to the first event, and all chairs being snapped up the very next day. Beyond the chair and poster there was also extensive PR featuring on over 20 overseas websites within a fortnight, plus local newspaper and television coverage, for an overall outlay of under $20k. This idea not only used media in an out of the square way, but bought the Kit Kat brand essence Kit Kat to life through the insight that every now and again, we all need a break.