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Product / ServiceTV SERIES
CategoryC01. Integrated Campaign Led by Direct
Entrant Company:AIM PROXIMITY Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
DM/Advertising Agency:AIM PROXIMITY Auckland, NEW ZEALAND



Name Company Position
Victoria Pether Aim Proximity Account Director
Nick Worthington Colenso BBDO Executive Creative Director
Michael Barnfield Aim Proximity Creative Director
Steve Anderson Aim Proximity Copywriter
Mike Kelly Aim Proximity Copywriter
David Reid Aim Proximity Art Director
Jason Vertongen Aim Proximity Art Director
Mark Russell Aim Proximity Producer
Matt Ravenhall Aim Proximity Programmer

The Brief

Go Girls is a popular New Zealand drama series with women aged 30-39, now in it’s second season. It had built a loyal following from season one but the show’s producers were keen get even more fans on board, especially as a ratings spike would improve their chances of getting signed for series three. With a limited budget we wanted to build buzz around the show outside of television and get people talking. The show follows the lives and loves of a sassy young crew, so our idea had to capture the fun, flirty nature of the show.

Creative Execution

The Go Girls Virginity Map started out as a bit of fun but soon had the people of New Zealand talking. We kicked off with the main characters from the show and pin by pin our map of New Zealand filled with confessions from our fanbase. And just like their favourite TV characters do, this community of TV fans was happy to be sharing details of their own lives. It was a controversial idea that raised some eyebrows but definitely struck a chord with our target audience.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Since the plotlines of Go Girls usually revolve around “who’s sleeping with who,” we built a cheeky website where users could find intimate knowledge about the show’s characters and share some of their own. With Google maps as our navigation tool we developed the Go Girls Virginity Map. Visitors to the site are invited to place a virtual pin on the location of where they “lost theirs” and add a rating and commentary if they like. If you were shy you could even make your mark anonymously.


To date we have had more than 19,000 unique visitors to the site and 1,731 pins have been placed on the map. It appears all the chat about Go Girls has had a positive effect towards on-demand views at the TVNZ website too, rising from 14,000 the week prior to the Virginity Map launching to 24,000 two weeks after (a 70% increase). Oh, and by the way, Go Girls series three will go into production soon.