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CategoryA04. Direct Response Digital Media
Entrant Company:HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
DM/Advertising Agency:HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN



Name Company Position
Hiroshi Hori Hakuhodo Inc. Interacitve Producer
Keiichi Motoyama Hakuhodo Inc. Interacitve Planner
Masahiko Inada Hakuhodo Inc. Interacitve Planner
Nobuhiro Arai Hakuhodo Inc. Copywriter
Yuko Hasegawa KAYAC Inc. Director
Shinichiro Sei KAYAC Inc. System Director/Programmer
Koujiro Seo KAYAC Inc. Programmer/Sound Designer
Daisuke Murase KAYAC Inc. Programmer
Junpei Sato KAYAC Inc. Programmer
Yoshihiro Sugi KAYAC Inc. Programmer
Shuichi Tsutsumi KAYAC Inc. Programmer
Roy Philippe KAYAC Inc. Designer
Yusuke Mitsuo A.C.O. Inc. UI Director
James Bowskill A.C.O. Inc. Art Director/Designer
Yui Takeuchi Hakuhodo DY intersolutions PR Planner
Kazuhiro Tabata Hakuhodo DY intersolutions PR Planner
Masaru Tahara Hakuhodo Agency Account Director
Tomoo Ishikawa Hakuhodo Agency Account Director
Kiyomi Wada Hakuhodo Agency Account Director

The Brief

Domino's Pizza, the first delivery pizza chain imported to Japan, kept driving the market. However, recently Domino's Pizza slumped to the third place. In Japan, delivery pizza market is competitive and oversaturated. Our mission is to increase sales under this condition. Our strategy for accomplishment of this goal is not only to show ads to new customers, but also to create a new market by building a new food culture. So where does a new market exist? Our answer is OUTDOORS. "People order delivery pizza to their houses." We broke this stereotype by creating only one smart-phone application "Domino's App".

Creative Execution

In Japan, delivery pizza market is competitive and oversaturated. Even if Domino's pizza focuses on classic advertising media, such as TV and newspaper, the effect might be temporary in the red ocean. We believed that Domino's Pizza has to revolutionize advertising communication. Thus, we created not classical ads but an innovative marketing platform. Domino's app is a platform which can sell their products directly to whoever has iPhone, including existing and new consumers. At the same time, it realized the continual communication to consumers by sending a brand message, press release, and coupons. Domino's app must appropriate to the brand.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We created a smart-phone application "Domino's App", the world's 1st GPS delivery service which can deliver pizza to anywhere users are. It broke the stereotype that "normally people order delivery pizza in the house" and stimulated our hidden appetite. It got great attention both online and in the mass media. It was downloaded 123,141times and took 1st place in iTunes App Store. Then, it succeeded in creating a new market and created over $1million in sales in only 4 months.


- More than 120,000 downloads and 1st place in iTunes App Store. - It created over $1million (100,773,514 Yen) in sales in only 4 months - Sales cost per order: 2,373 Yen (about $20) - It created massive buzz on social web service, such as Twitter, blogs, and SNS. Domino's app was featured on the nationwide TV news programs and magazines without any payment of media fee.