Product / ServiceJOB SEARCH ENGINE
CategoryB03. Business Products & Services
Entrant Company:JWT JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
DM/Advertising Agency:JWT JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN



Name Company Position
Koichi ISHIWATA JWT Japan Creative Director
Minoru GOHSHI JWT Japan Art Director
Yukino MIYATSU JWT Japan Copywriter
Isao YUKISADA Second Sight Director
Shinya KISHIRO Robot Communications Producer
Yasuhiro KAWASAKI Robot Communications Producer
Flumpool Amusu Artist
Masaki TANAKA JWT Japan Senior Account Management
Hajime KATO JWT Japan Account Director
Takanori MIYASAKA JWT Japan Account Supervisor
Jun FUKUMOTO (Freelancer) Cameraman
Yoshio TSUNETANI (Freelancer) Gaffer

The Brief

Job hunt in Japan has dramatically changed. The global economic downturn meant that companies were hiring fewer people. The job market, which favoured students up until two years ago, has shifted toward favouring companies. In this rapidly changing job market, the targets of MyNavi — students looking for work — have seen their predecessors fail to find jobs. They were feeling extremely nervous and anxious before they have even begun their job search. They were all looking for answers but no one had any. We saw an opportunity for My Navi to do well, by doing good.

Creative Execution

The promotion was relevant because the students were looking for a place where they could find more than just the answers to their short-term goals or the interview techniques. Our short film and the song helped the students realize the importance of taking a good look at themselves and give them hope for their future. This unique approach differentiated MyNavi from other job search engines.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

We realized that there is something fundamental at the heart of job search. Hope for the future. So we created a promotion based on one short film and a song, titled ‘Frame'. With 'Frame', we gave the students a gentle push in the right direction by inspiring them to have a vision of where they could be in 10 years. The posters, TV commercials and a central web channel utilized by all students looking for employment guided them to the MyNavi site, where they could view the short film or listen to the song and register online.


Our unique approach captured attention from various mass media and sparked a word-of-mouth advertising. Of 700,000 graduating students, 690,000 signed up with MyNavi and the former No.2 job search engine in Japan became the No.1. The campaign culminated with a sold out concert at Japan’s most prestigious venue. 30,000 people came together to hear our message. Students realized that what they were looking for was no longer just a website that helped them with the short-term goals but a place that could provide them with hope and inspired them to have a vision of their future.