CategoryD01. Event & Field Marketing
Entrant Company:ADK JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN
DM/Advertising Agency:ADK JAPAN Tokyo, JAPAN



Name Company Position
Actual IKEA Workers IKEA JAPAN Dancers
Jiro Kanahara ADK Creative Director
Jiro Kanahara ADK Copywriter
Jiro Kanahara ADK Art Director
Hiroko Uchigaki ADK Account Director
Kazuha Okuda ADK Account Supervisor
Yuka Nakahata ADK Senior Account Executive
Maki Yoshizawa IKEA JAPAN Media Traffic
Osamu Enari DRILL Agency Producer
Ryuji Ueno DRILL Planner
Kazutaka Sugitani air:man Dance Coordinator
Mayumi Kikuguchi air:man Dance Coordinator
Takeshi Fukuda TYO PRODUCTIONS Producer
Hiromichi Takagi TYO PRODUCTIONS Producer
Jiro Kanahara ADK Director
Sadaki Matsuda Freelance D.O.P/Lighting/Cameraman
Tomoya Kuge TYO PRODUCTIONS Editor
Takero Yamashita TYO PRODUCTIONS Editor
Toru Midorikawa Melody Punch Music Producer
Shinichi Morita TYO PRODUCTIONS INC. Production Manager

The Brief

IKEA wanted to increase store traffic especially among their primary target; mothers with children living in each store's neighborhood. Raising children and home storage are two major everyday concerns shared among most Japanese housewives. IKEA wanted to bring more housewives to the stores, by offering a solution to solve these two challenging tasks in an entertainment way.

Creative Execution

Catchy lyrics and moves of 'The Storage Task Exercise' became popular among kids and made it easier for the kids to remember IKEA's 5 steps. IKEA stores held exercise lessons twice a day at in-sore nursery and on Sundays an open lesson as offered in front of the store and succeeded in bringing housewives with kids to store. Kindergartens in neighborhood areas used the exercise and the song in their lessons. The whole movement changed 'storage and organizing' from something boring/troublesome to something fun and enjoyable.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

Under the campaign theme, 'work out your storage issues', IKEA formed a team called the 'Storage Task Force'. Also, 'Storage Task Force Exercise' was formed to introduce five tips for organizing the home through its lyrics and dance moves. The members of the 'Storage Task Force' were actual home furnishing experts working at IKEA. They visited Japanese homes, to see storage issues and then introduced clean-up ideas through dance and music in an easy and fun way, even for kids. They were able to solve consumer's problems by offering their professional experience for storage solutions.


Repeat visits, and customers bringing kids grew substantially, and the total number of customers who visited IKEA stores increased by 25%. IKEA also built strong emotional ties with future customers while providing a fun store experience.