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CategoryD01. Event & Field Marketing
Entrant Company:CANDID MARKETING Mumbai, INDIA
DM/Advertising Agency:CANDID MARKETING Mumbai, INDIA



Name Company Position
Team Candid Candid Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Team Candid

The Brief

The Indian market for mosquito repellents is dominated by indoor usage spray and fume based repellents. The objective of the promotion was to launch a mosquito repellent lotion which can be applied anytime and anywhere especially outdoors. We wanted to bring top of mind that mosquitoes pretty much bite everywhere and this product can help you prevent that.

Creative Execution

Slap-clap managed to create buzz for a product category perceived to be extremely mundane and boring by the consumer. It was a new product in an already crowded market. So it was crucial to present the offering in a refreshingly new and fresh manner. The promotion literally substantiates the age old proverb "actions speak louder than words".

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

The idea lay in an insight about the way we behave around mosquitoes. We get into a slapping-clapping frenzy. So we decided to put together a troupe of 5 artists and create music exclusively of slaps and claps. The 'slap-clap orchestra' would visit crowded locations like beaches, parks, shopping malls and randomly start playing their act. The best part of this exercise was that it communicated to an audience which speaks and understands only one or two of the 29 different Indian languages in a language that was universal. A language called 'slap-clap'.


Slap-clap became an instant hit. There were reports that people were more engrossed with the slap-clap promotion than another parallel promotion for an Indian movie with visiting superstars inside the same shopping complex. Over 14,000 samples of OFF were voluntarily picked up and applied by an enthusiastic audience.