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Product / ServiceHEALTH DRINK
CategoryD01. Event & Field Marketing
EntrantJWT New Delhi, INDIA
Entrant Company:JWT New Delhi, INDIA
DM/Advertising Agency:JWT New Delhi, INDIA



Name Company Position
Priti Kapur JWT Executive Creative Director
Iraj Fraz Batla JWT Creative Director, Copywriter
Sumonto Ghosh JWT Creative Director, Art Director
Khurram Haque JWT Art Director
Vikas Mehta JWT Account Business Head
Pawan Soni/SujaySrivastava/Bhakti Malik JWT Account Management
Debarpita Bannerjee JWT Account Head
Sabina Singh, Meenakshi/Sunil JWT/Metamorphosis/Glint Production
Shyamda/Raibat Basu JWT Design/Modelling
Guanhin Tay JWT Executive Creative Director 2

The Brief

For health drinks, India is a 60 billion US dollar market. When Horlicks wanted to launch its new variant, Horlicks Pro-Height, the strategy was to create a memorable, effective and news-making event. The TA comprised of new as well as existing customers: mothers, along with their tiny tods.

Creative Execution

In a category where competitors are edge-to-edge, nothing works like a demonstration. And what better way to demonstrate the effect of the product in a creative way that will never be forgotten by mothers and children? What Adelbert Ames conceptualised in 1934 became a real room in Chennai where children grew up in front of their mothers’ eyes. The project wasn’t just a geometrical exercise, but it gave children their 5 seconds of fame that’ll stay with them for a lifetime.

Describe the creative solution to the brief/objective.

All mothers dream of seeing their children grow up. Horlicks made their dream come true in 5 seconds flat: The Horlicks Pro-Height room. A scientific, yet magical room with unequal walls and doors that looks totally normal when seen through a window. Kids drank Horlicks Pro-Height and walked through it. And made 30,000 mothers’ dream come true: of seeing their child grow up. In 5 seconds flat.


The activity touched a phenomenal 3,000 mothers in a 60 billion US dollar Health Drink market. It gathered media attention and gave Horlicks Pro-Height visibility in press and electronic media worth Rs 2.5 million. The initial sales of 12,000+ packs in just 2 weeks within 5-km radius of the activity area was just the start. The new brand gained an unprecedented 2% market share within 60 days of launch. GSK India recorded 24.6% growth with Net Sales at Rs. 19,215 millions in 2009 Q4. Since then, the demand has been consistently growing and a brand is steadily being built.