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Product / ServiceSAMSUNG GALAXY S21
CategoryA01. Consumer Goods
Additional Company SAMSUNG Seoul, SOUTH KOREA


Name Company Position
Edu Pou We Are Social Executive Creative Director
Bede Gannon We Are Social Art Director
Jack Emery We Are Social Copywriter
Shaun Profeta We Are Social Strategy Director
Jarryd Patel We Are Social Junior Strategist
Kelly Spence We Are Social Client Service Director
Alex Campbell We Are Social Account Director
David Moon Samsung Digital Marketing & Strategy
Junshik Ahn Samsung Digital Marketing
Nari Son Samsung Digital Marketing

Why is this work relevant for Social & Influencer?

#TeamGalaxy is a global network of influencers who use their Galaxy devices to make, create and share their creativity. The #VideoSnapChallenge on TikTok activated over 100 #TeamGalaxy members around the world, and generated millions of UGC submissions, making it the most successful TikTok hashtag challenge in history.


‘8K Video Snap’ on the Galaxy S21 gives people the ability to record 8K video and capture stills, all at the same time. Samsung wanted to introduce the power of 8K Video Snap to a new generation of creators, ‘Social Expressors’, creative Gen Z and young Millennials who are highly active on social and rely on their devices to express themselves.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

We empowered Social Expressors to share the many versions of their authentic self by bringing the power of 8K Video Snap to the popular social platform TikTok. #VideoSnapChallenge was a hashtag challenge that let users capture three different versions of themself, all while the video keeps rolling, thanks to a custom-built filter that replicated the S21's camera feature.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

To engage a new generation of creators, we needed to take over one of their favourite platforms, TikTok - it’s where Gen Z and young Millennials spend countless hours, it’s where they push the boundaries of their creativity, and it’s where they leverage all the platform’s unique content creation tools to express themselves. Importantly, we didn’t want to disrupt their TIkTok experience, we wanted to inspire them, elevate their creativity, and help them express themselves. We also knew that our target audience didn’t have one authentic self to share with the world, they had many.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Working with TikTok, we designed a custom filter that dramatised the 8K Video Snap feature. The filter snapped TikTokers in place three times, creating duplicates as the video continued to roll. To ensure this was uniquely Samsung, we also incorporated elements of the Galaxy S21 interface. To succeed on TikTok we needed the perfect sound, so we partnered with 88Rising, a record label representing some of the most hyped Asian artists on the internet. Indonesian rapper, Warren Hue, delivered a fast-paced, high energy track that brought the filter to life - perfect for the fast-moving world of TikTok. To introduce #VideoSnapChallenge to the world, we engaged Samsung’s global network of influencers: over 100 creators from 14 markets and some of TikTok’s biggest creators shared their content with their fans over two weeks. The campaign was supported by How-To videos, Top-View ads and Hashtag Challenge Banners to drive awareness and participation.

List the results (30% of vote)

With over 34B views, the campaign successfully introduced 8k Video Snap to a global audience of Gen Z and young Millennials, raising awareness for the Galaxy S21 as a powerful creative tool. The campaign smashed all expectations, delivering over 3B engagements, heaps of positive sentiment, and 7M UGC submissions, making it the most successful branded hashtag challenge to ever run on TikTok. Our activity drove over 50,000 clicks to the Samsung website, contributing to making Galaxy S21 a star performer in terms of sales.


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