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Product / ServiceLIBRESSE
CategoryB01. Brand-led Education & Awareness
Idea Creation MUMA MALAYSIA Petaling Jaya, MALAYSIA
Additional Company VINDA MARKETING (M) SDN BHD Shah Alam, MALAYSIA


Name Company Position
Chee Wee Choo Muma Malaysia Creative Director / Art Director
Donevan Chew Muma Malaysia Creative Director / Copywriter
Alex Chan Muma Malaysia Art Director
Wai Yi Kong Muma Malaysia Art Director
Wei Xing Phon Muma Malaysia Art Director
Su Anne Liew Muma Malaysia Art Director
Li Li Pang Muma Malaysia Client Management
Calista Rajendran Muma Malaysia Client Management
Hew Hsuan Lee Muma Malaysia Designer
Jeffery Yeo Awesome Studio Executive Producer
Meng Jen Hew Awesome Studio Film Director
Jay Chiah Awesome Studio Film Director
Aaron Chin Awesome Studio Director of Photography
Jia Chyi Chung Awesome Studio Producer
Sara-Jane Har Awesome Studio Producer
Marron Ng Awesome Studio Editor
Nadhir Asyraf Awesome Studio Editor
Bo Amir Iqram Nacho Usual Collective Music Composer
Allen Dang Wizard Photography Photographer
Mohd Faiz Wizard Photography Photographer
Muhammad Syafiq Wizard Photography Photographer
Derrick Gan Wizard Photography Digital Imaging
Pooi Yee Leong Wizard Photography Executive Producer
Shirley Ng Wizard Photography Producer
Deenie Ong Vinda Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd Client
Cheryl Wang Vinda Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd Client

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Libresse has an unwavering commitment in creating a world where women can be more confident with their bodies to live the life they want by breaking the taboos surrounding their intimate area. The brand knows that this is no small task as gender discrimination is endemic and embedded in every society. This campaign inspired Malaysians to get behind Libresse’s brand belief and rallied Malaysians to break the silence around matters concerning women’s intimate area. Thus, moved the nation to take a bold step towards breaking a taboo which has held Malaysian women back for many generations.


A female's intimate area, the V-zone, has a deep-rooted stigma in Malaysian society. The "Global V Taboo Tracker", a survey commissioned by Libresse, was done among 14,000 men and women across 7 markets, including Malaysia, revealed that: 50% of Malaysian women will never speak about their V, 1 in 3 Malaysians felt sorry for the way their vulva looks, and 56% of Malaysian teens would rather get bullied in school than to talk about periods. The lack of conversation and awareness of the V-zone has led to serious social issues like genital mutilation, sexual grooming, period spot checks in schools and undiagnosed endometriosis. As a brand that champions V-zone confidence, Libresse wanted to get Malaysians talking about the V-zone so the age-old taboo can be broken. And through this effort, gain more users by being the brand that makes them feel confident about themselves and their V-zones.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

To break a deep-rooted taboo, we looked into the local culture for something that had inspired Malaysian women to be comfortable with their bodies, so that the conversation would resonate with Malaysians. We found that in an iconic piece of Malaysian fashion, the ‘Nyonya Kebaya’. It was created in the 1920s, a period when women dressed to conceal their body. It was semi-transparent, lace-embroidered and has a tighter fit, which accentuated the female silhouette. It defied the conservative fashion which Malaysian women wore, inspiring them to embrace their sexuality. And it’s still a popular fashion piece today. Working with local Kebaya craftswomen, we redesigned the two floral motifs which are unique to the Nyonya Kebaya, the Peony and Chrysanthemum. We had the vulva hand-woven into the heart of each flower. That’s how the Vulva Kebaya was created to inspire Malaysian women to embrace their sexuality once again.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

As sanitary pad preference is shaped at a young age, Libresse’s core target are 18-25 year old, young women. These targets are inclined to challenging the status quo. They value their roots, but love giving culture and tradition a modern spin. The modern-retro vibe appeals to them. Hence, we chose to reimagine the Nyonya Kebaya, an important piece of fashion that defined the Malaysian culture. The Malaysian Peranakan community, was born out of the fusion of the Malay and Chinese culture. In the 1800s, the ladies wore the Baju Panjang. A conservative fashion designed to conceal the female body. Then came the Nyonya Kebaya in the 1920s. It was a bold fashion statement of the times that inspired women to embrace their sexuality. By reimagining the design on this iconic Malaysian fashion, we believe it would spark conversations around a topic which has been shrouded in taboos.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

Due to the pandemic, all on-ground events were halted. Instead, we got influencers to flaunt the fashion on the social space and share alarming facts of V-zone taboos, rallying Malaysians to break misconceptions of the V. The idea was further amplified by replicating the designs on packs and sold them online and in stores nationwide. It offended the conservatives in the community. A religious group claimed that the design was culturally unacceptable. But the larger nation, came to the brand’s defence, acknowledging that Libresse is the only brand bold enough to challenge social norms to normalise conversations around the V. Even politicians, the country’s top influencers and celebrities like Daphne Iking and Zee Avi stood by Libresse. It became the country’s most talked about campaign, trending on Twitter in Malaysia for a week. Packs flew off shelves as both women AND men bought the packs in support of Libresse.

List the results (30% of vote)

We gained MYR326.25 million (USD78.4 million) worth of earned media from local and regional media. And for the first time in history, the vulva appeared on primetime news uncensored! All from just a media spend of MYR200,000 (USD47,500). It trended on Twitter and remained in the top 10 topics in Malaysia for a week with over 65,100 tweets, hitting #2 spot, just below Squid Games. Online sales experienced 9X growth within the 3-month campaign period. (Shopee Sales Data) Sales to the General Trade doubled. (Market Share Data by Kantar Worldpanel) Brand Health Tracker by Ipsos revealed that: BRAND AWARENESS INCREASED BY 8% during campaign period. PURCHASE INTENTION INCREASED TO 74% vs industry benchmark at 44%. TRIAL RATE INCREASED BY 8% during campaign period. ‘Brand that challenges norm’ increased by 19% ‘Brand that helps me feel confident about my V-Zone’ increased by 18%