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Product / ServicePANTENE
CategoryA01. Consumer Goods
EntrantGREY Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation GREY Tokyo, JAPAN
Production TYO DRIVE Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Masanori Tagaya GREY Tokyo Executive Creative Director
Jun Ogasawara GREY Tokyo Senior Creative Director
Ryuma Kodaka GREY Tokyo Creative Director
Yoichi Inamura GREY Tokyo Associate Creative Director
Kei Takimoto GREY Tokyo Senior Art Director
Katsuhiro Fujimoto GREY Tokyo Interactive Art Director
Shota Ishikawa GREY Tokyo Art Director
Takuya Tanaka GREY Tokyo Junior Art Director
Masanori Tagaya GREY Tokyo Copy Writer
Rui Nago GREY Tokyo Executive Planning Director
Satomi Nagata GREY Tokyo Strategic Planner
Daijiro Yamakawa GREY Tokyo Agency Producer
Yoshiaki Saito GREY Tokyo Agency Producer
Tadashi Umazume TYO drive Producer
Natsuki Tsuda TYO drive Producer
Sayaka Adachi GREY Tokyo Senior Account Director
Melissa Lim GREY Tokyo Account Executive
Wataru Seki Material Inc. Executive Storytellar
Miki Onuma Material Inc. PR Director
Emi Oyama Material Inc. PR Staff
Natsuko Nagata Material Inc. PR Staff
Futoshi Takashima First Apartment Director
Jin Ito CONNECTION Cinematographer
Shuichi Kishimoto N/A Gaffer
Etsuko Akiba N/A Art
Wonkyeong Jang TYO drive Production Manage
Junko Okamoto Affelia Stylist
Eito Furukubo Otie Hair&Makeup
Sachi Sasaki Cutters Studios Editor (off line)
Yoshihiro Miura PPC Editor (on line)
Naotaka Takahashi L'espace Vision Colorist
Takaki Kato PPC Other Post production credit
Satoshi Igarashi N/A Other DIT

Why is this work relevant for Social & Influencer?

FEATURING TWO TRANSGENDER EX-JOB HUNTERS AS “ROLE MODELS”, PANTENE IGNITED CULTURAL CONVERSATIONS TO CHANGE SOCIETY MORE LGBTQ FRIENDLY. “Male or Female, which should I do my job-hunting as?” – while most job-hunters worried about their career path, they had to worry about their gender. In the country where uniformity and conformity are considered virtues, the suffering of LGBTQ job-hunters was ignored by society. By featuring two transgender ex-job-hunters as role models for the next generation of LGBTQ job-hunters, Pantene not only ignited social conversations around importance of diversity, but also created an opportunity for companies to become more LGBTQ friendly.


WHAT CAN PANTENE DO TO TRANSFORM THE SOCIETY THROUGH HAIR? Deep-seated prejudice stands in the way especially when job-hunting. 87% of LGBTQ job-hunters hide their gender identity in job interviews, because 70% of them fear of discrimination and prejudice. For job hunters in general, a job interview is where they have to express themselves for their dream jobs, but for LGBTQ job hunters, it is where they have to hide their true selves. Pantene is the brand that believes in the power of great hair. Great hair propels women to step forward to express their true selves. Under an umbrella #HairWeGo, Pantene Japan has helped every Japanese woman dare to be true to themselves. As the brand that celebrates difference and identity, what can Pantene do to change the job-hunting scene in Japan? Transforming it to a place where everyone is free to express their true self, through their hair.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

#PRIDEHAIR – A CALL OUT FROM TRANSGENDER EX-JOB HUNTERS AS FIRST-EVER ROLE MODELS. Pantene introduced two transgender ex-job hunters, who called out to the next generation of job-hunters. “Male or Female, which should I do my job-hunting as?” – while most job-hunters worried about their career path, they had to worry about their gender. Sharing their unimaginable struggles and the experiences they overcame that only they would know. These first-ever role model stories gave LGBTQ and even non-LGBTQ job-hunters the courage and pride to express their true selves and let the hair stand out where blending in is the norm.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

IT’S PERSONAL STORIES, NOT DATA What can we do to make society care? We met two former job-hunters. One is a trans man who, after a year of wondering whether he should job-hunt as a man or a woman, did job-hunting as a woman with ponytail. The other was a trans woman who was true to her gender in job-hunting with her long hair. Their true stories would inspire both companies and next generation LGBTQ job-hunters.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

THEIR VOICES REACHED NATIONWIDE AND BECAME A MOVEMENT Pantene #PrideHair was launched nationwide through TVC and YouTube video as well as newspaper ad, social posts, OOH, cinema ad. Furthermore, to ensure the movement changed society beyond just a piece of one-off content, Pantene launched the “#PrideHair Salon” project with an aim to increase LGBTQ-friendly hair salons. We’ve partnered with hair salons to create customer service guidelines and educated salons nationwide on LGBTQ awareness. So that now LGBTQ people from all over Japan are able to obtain a hairstyle that represents their true selves.

List the results (30% of vote)

OVER 1,000 SALONS NATIONWIDE JOINED #PRIDEHAIR SALON #PrideHair film achieved over 20 million views just in 1 week from launch, receiving an overwhelmingly positive reaction (95% of the YouTube comments were positive). Featured by over 210 media nationwide, #PrideHair earned over 1.3 billion media impressions, and social media engagements exceeded 300MM. Twitter quotes include, “This ad can’t, and shouldn’t, be skipped,” “#PrideHair is creating a new era,” “The campaign goes above and beyond simply slapping a rainbow on a corporate logo.” The impact goes beyond job seekers to hair salons nationwide responded to #PrideHair. More than 1,100 hair salons nationwide have joined in #PrideHair Salon project, and the number of salons is still increasing.


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