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Kelly McBride Bonds Client
Kedda Ghazarian Bonds Client
Amanda Varbaro Bonds Client
Lindsey Evans Special Group Founding Partner & CEO
Cade Heyde Special Group Founding Partner & Managing Director
Rebecca Stambanis Special Group Strategy Director
Tom Martin Special Group Partner & CCO
Julian Schreiber Special Group Partner & CCO
Luke Thompson Special Group Creative Director
Toby Moore Special Group Creative Director
Cat Williams Special Group Creative
Jessica Roberts Special Group Creative
Maggie Webster Special Group Designer
Paige Prettyman Special Group General Manager
Emma Salmon Special Group Business Director
Timmi Tsapaliaris Special Group Business Manager
Sophie Simmons Special Group Senior Integrated Producer
Lelani Croucher Revolver Director
Michael Ritchie Revolver Executive Producer
Alexandra Taussig Revolver Producer
Sam Chiplin Revolver Director Of Photography
Scott Stirling Glue Society Offline Editor / Colourist
Viv Baker Glue Society Online editor
- - Otis Studios Music and Sound
Alexandrena Parker The Kitchen Creative Photographer
- - Visual Thing Retouching

Why is this work relevant for Social & Influencer?

The BONDS Cheer Bleeder campaign is a social first campaign created for Bloody Comfy Period Undies. With over 9 minutes of platform-specific content, we engaged our audience through shareable videos, social posts, a TikTok challenge and personalised responses to their existing #periodtok videos - making the campaign a powerful combination of creative social thinking and strategy.


Social media has shaped today’s teenage girls. They’re more confident, expressive and unafraid than they’ve ever been. They know what’s what - especially when it comes to periods. Yet brands continue to talk to them as if otherwise. Our brief was to use social media to prove BONDS don’t follow the conventional rules around periods. The campaign objectives were then to: Grab attention and drive awareness Drive engagement and consideration Conversion - drive sales

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

We created a cheer squad for BONDS Bloody Comfy Period Undies and tapped into teenage girls’ social feeds. Full of attitude and energy, our ‘Cheer Bleeders’ inspired them to period their own way. Wearing the undies and using the line, ‘Cheer through the bleed’, they cheered about all aspects of periods. Everything from cramps to cravings to bloody messes, these shareable cheers became a tool for teenage girls to engage with one another before, during and after their periods.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

We’re talking to a new generation of ‘period apprentices’ - girls aged 13 - 18. These teens want to be acknowledged for the individuals they are. They want to be challenged and be the challenger. When it comes to periods and the way in which broader society encourages them to retreat during their cycles, naturally, they push back. They grew up with social media. They know what’s what when it comes to menstruation and so are unafraid to share their experiences. We wanted to create an entertaining way for our audience to pep one another up while on their period. Something they could use as a megaphone to show they don’t follow the conventional rules around periods - they set the agenda. Knowing this group of teenagers live and breathe social media, our idea had to show up in their space and on their terms- whilst being bold and unexpected.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Over the 6 week period the campaign ran, teenagers (and their parents) couldn’t get the cheers out of their heads! With placements across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, Spotify, and YouTube, there was over 9 minutes of platform-specific cheer content. The cheers were unapologetically bold - much like teenage girls themselves. We also directly engaged with TikTokers across Australia and New Zealand by finding their existing #periodtoks and replying with personalised cheers to help them cheer through the bleed. We then invited our TikTok audience to join the squad through a hashtag challenge where they could #duet with the Cheer Bleeders - dance moves and all.

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