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Tim Green Edelman CCO

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Panadol’s Care Starts Here means relieving pain as the brand Australians trust most. It’s also a catalyst, celebrating the mateship that’s part of Australian culture. With its heritage in 60 years of pain relief, Panadol set out to look for unsung Aussies who’ve selflessly helped ease the pain of others. In a multichannel campaign in partnership with Channel Seven, Panadol celebrated and gave back to these amazing people – the Panadol Care Collective. The campaign overdelivered on key business and equity measures – but affirmation of its success is the positive dialogue created among Australians, and the ongoing community support


Panadol has been leading Australia in the pain relief category, caring for Australians for over 60 years. However, the brand’s leadership has been challenged in recent years from competitors and new entrants. Amid and beyond this, the team recognised how calamity after calamity – bushfires, the pandemic peak, floods, and repeated lockdowns over the last two years – have had a significant impact among communities. But if there is one thing we are proud of as Aussies, is that we are a resilient bunch – and the ingrained passion to go above and beyond to care for others burned more brightly than ever before. With the unfolding pandemic shifting how people cared for themselves and their community, the task was to build on Panadol’s brand position, ‘Care Starts Here’, to show that Panadol truly understands and recognises care in the Australian community.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Panadol aimed to engage Aussies in its brand of care by celebrating the embodiment of its brand purpose – through everyday Australians who epitomise genuine care – but deserve a bit of care back due to the time and effort they’ve sacrificed. Via a national call-out for nominations hosted on Panadol website, Panadol captured Australia’s attention through sharing heart-warming community stories showcasing the collective of people who truly embody care. Balancing its heritage in pain relief of over 60 years with a true understanding and empathy toward our lives today, Panadol set out to look for the real-life, unsung Aussies who have selflessly helped ease the pain of others. We went national to surface these amazing stories and exceptional people, through a two-phase campaign in partnership with Channel Seven. Panadol committed to celebrate and give back to these amazing people, whom altogether we proudly call The Panadol Care Collective.

Describe the PR strategy (30% of vote)

INSIGHT: Despite growing hardships faced by Australians, with the average Aussie experiencing more pain than ever before, Panadol recognised that Australia is a nation that cares, uncovering that Australians have increased the amount they give back to others than they do themselves. KM: Through the Panadol Care Collective, the Panadol team recognised the Australians that go above and beyond for those around them. Panadol celebrated these individuals and their efforts, recognising them as the Panadol Care Collective. AUDIENCE: Australians 25-54

Describe the PR execution (20% of vote)

The campaign came to life in two phases, to conscientiously and meaningfully usher in our brand purpose. The first phase of the campaign was all about sharing Panadol’s narrative and point of view around care, and the second phase then came in to get Aussies actively engaging around this purpose, by nominating their heroes for the Collective. We went national to surface these amazing stories through a nomination website that was promoted via earned media, owned social and digital channels, and via national broadcaster Channel Seven. Through both Seven as well as PR agency ******, the amazing stories of our five big winners were brought to life and celebrated across broadcast, online video, social, and earned media – driving meaningful results for the brand and inspiring positive dialogue in the community.

List the results (30% of vote)

Earned Media reach of over 6.4M, achieving Tier 1 coverage in national broadcast (including competitors of campaign partner), online, print, and radio. Notwithstanding Panadol’s strong leadership position, the Panadol Care Collective campaign drove unprecedented lifts in unaided top of mind awareness in “brands of healthcare you think of” of 525%, over three times the normal benchmark for FMCG/consumer goods campaigns. Brand Equity – the campaign was able to drive 20% overall lift (positive difference in those exposed compared to those not exposed to the campaign) in key brand association statements. Purchase Intent – the campaign was able to convince 93% of people to opt for Panadol in future, a statistically significant lift of 16% compared to those not exposed to the campaign Consumption – the campaign successfully drove net positive switching from key competitors over the campaign period versus prior 6-month period of 0.7% in units, exceeding 0.1% target.


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