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Rosalyn Martinez Insular Life Approver
Marla Michelle Rama Insular Life Project Lead/Coordinator
Josephine Gonzales Insular Life Content Direction
Abigail Magtibay Insular Life Research & Data
Maricar Chanico Insular Life Media Planning/Management
Mary Oquendo Insular Life Social Media Community Management
Arvi Villacin SVEN Strategy & Technical Solutions
Raizelle So SVEN Creative & Strategy
EJ Dimaano SVEN Creative Director
Shelumiel Gallardo SVEN Lead Content Strategist
Charina Clarisse Echaluce SVEN Content Strategist
Toni Anne Clyn Inot SVEN Content Strategist
Jethrommel Bryan Ramos SVEN Content Strategist
Justin Bogs Pua SVEN Lead Video Creative
Janna Stephanie Decena SVEN Lead Visual Creative
Zelina Gail Bartolome SVEN Visual Creative
Toni Rose Del Rosario SVEN Client Coordination
Ma. Chrystel Pinlac SVEN Account Manager
Corheinne Joyce Colendres SVEN Ingenuity PR Coordinator
Cristina Marie Arenas SVEN PR Coordinator
Jaslyn Samantha Nicolas SVEN Performance Analyst
Ma. Teresa Fernandez SVEN Performance Analyst
Janela Poblete SVEN Case Strategist
Miko Portes SVEN Case Strategist
Maxine Buenaventura SVEN Case Strategist

Why is this work relevant for PR?

Filipinas aren’t known to keep silent about relevant topics regarding empowerment, equality, and self-worth. But an unspoken issue has long prevented Filipinas from achieving true empowerment – financial illiteracy… that is until now. InLife, a women-led financial institution with the authority to dive deep into this issue, recognized the opportunity to utilize a PR-driven movement to get the conversation started so Filipinas can be aware of the underlying realities they’re living in while giving them the means for change.


Unfortunately, while 90% of Filipinas are financial gatekeepers/in charge of their families’ money decisions, only 30% are considered financially literate. This leads to financial insecurity of Filipinas and Filipino families which results to unempowered living. But with media and other movements convincing women that they’re already empowered, Filipinas miss the truth about the realities of this unspoken empowerment gap and how it affects their quality of life and future. • Brand Brief: Take InLife’s current 4-pillar (FinLit, Health, Wellness, Business) women empowerment program and elevate its relevance for Filipinas to recognize the need for better financial planning. • Brand Vision: Empower 1 million Filipinas from all walks of life to achieve a lifetime for good by addressing this silent inequality that limits

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Filipinas don’t need another campaign telling them they’re empowered. They need a movement that opens their eyes to their alarming yet unspoken financial realities and shows them how to close this empowerment gap. This is where InLife SHEROES comes IN – but unlike previous iterations that were focused on different empowerment thrusts, we streamlined to one clear focus: financial empowerment. To reel Filipinas IN, we started #InAko. “In Ako” means “I’m in”, while “inako” means taking responsibility. SHEROES challenged Filipinas to say #InAko; to join the movement and be more financially responsible – so their empowered mindset is reflected in an empowered and unhindered quality of life. With Filipinas driving financial decisions in families, closing the empowerment gap means uplifting Filipino families and the society, ultimately building financial inclusivity for the nation – making Filipinas truly empowered SHEROES.

Describe the PR strategy (30% of vote)

We did away with the usual serious approach of presenting financial concepts and made everything social – short, sweet, and REAL. • FEELINGS – we openly talked about their money struggles and triggers, and showed them that things can change • FACTS – we made Filipinas aware of the realities and risks they are facing as financial gatekeepers of their families • ANSWERS – we educated them on basic financial planning and solutions This isn’t a campaign, but a real movement. Otherwise, we won’t get more of HER to listen to us. SHEROES Movement Drivers — Ambassadors, Moms, Single Moms, Entrepreneurs, Singles, Digital Artists, Financial Advisors, and every kind of ready-to-be-truly-empowered Filipina ages 18-64 — drove the conversations! It was no longer just InLife doing the talking, but women who experienced unempowered realities with new enlightened realizations.

Describe the PR execution (20% of vote)

We reached her in platforms she’s in while utilizing different formats to get her to listen and participate: • HIGH IMPACT BIG BETS – SHEROES #InAko Live Event brought together a community of women representing different profiles (moms, single moms, wives, entrepreneurs) who talked about financial illiteracy realities and its everyday unempowering effects. The SHEROES #InAko Music Video amplified the Filipinas’ power to be IN control and INdependent in making their money grow. • ALWAYS-ON CONTENT & QUIZ FILTER – drove sustained conversations through relatable topics and interactive, snackable education. • STRATEGIC MEDIA – targeted the right audience, amplified awareness and conversations. • PARTNERSHIPS & COLLABS – featured stories, goals, realizations of real Filipinas from moms and entrepreneurs to celebrities and KOLs; and got more to listen, speak up, and ask questions too. • NATIONWIDE OUTREACH — jumpstarted real impact with personal financial education of Filipinas on-ground, beyond social.

List the results (30% of vote)

InLife SHEROES #InAko amassed 13.6M engagements across social platforms, exceeding targets by 507.6%! 12M reach, 3M music video views, 323k livestream launch viewers with 8.6k organic comments within two hours — all showed high relevance of the issue we brought to light. Mothers, wives, yuppies, and entrepreneurs shared financial struggles, celebrities and KOLs spoke up, artists created digital art inspired by our advocacy – Filipinas claimed “#InAko!”, fully embraced the movement, and recognized the need to close the empowerment gap. With the movement also gaining support from top publications such as Cosmopolitan, CNN, The Philippine Star, Manila Standard, The Asian Parent, When In Manila, etc. — InLife SHEROES generated PHP3.1M in earned media! InLife achieved more than it aimed for in three months, with highest awareness (75%) among Filipinas who encountered the movement (2nd brand at 68%), and 86% interested to talk to an InLife Financial Advisor.


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