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Idea Creation FRONTAGE INC. Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Kohtaro Shimada FRONTAGE.INC Executive Creativedirector
Shiro Ueshima FRONTAGE.INC Senior Creativedirector
Ryoko Yamagiwa FRONTAGE.INC Copywriter
Asako Munemasa FRONTAGE.INC Copywriter/Planner
Akira Kano FRONTAGE.INC Art Director
Toru Matsui FRONTAGE.INC Producer
Kiyora Kawanishi FRONTAGE.INC Account Executive
Kuniei Okada O-THANKS Art director
Yoshiki Endo O-THANKS Designer
Shinichi kaneko Quinientos Photographer
Mariko Tsutsumi TAIYO KIKAKU CO.,Ltd Producer
Chiaki Ueda TAIYO KIKAKU CO.,Ltd Production Manager
Akari Kubota TAIYO KIKAKU CO.,Ltd Production Manager
kazuki Takahashi freelance Director/Cinematographer
Kentarou Hirabayashi freelance Lighting Designer
Yuichi Ishida freelance Artist
Yuma Matsuoka freelance Editor
Ayami Fujiwara TAIYO KIKAKU CO.,Ltd Sound Mixer
Nanami Kubo TAIYO KIKAKU CO.,Ltd Sound Mixer
Akito Narita freelance Sound Engineer
Yumemiru Nakamura freelance Narrator
Yuki Ono Composer/Sound Producer

Why is this work relevant for PR?

New years of 2021 started gloomy, while the world still facing the fear of COVID-19. A department store getting greatly damaged by the situation, turned its situation positively By showing its lowest sales record as a “list of hopes,” redefining the value of shopping and motivating people once again to shop for future.


• Situation Due to the effect of COVID-19, an “emergency declaration” was issued in Japan from April to May 2020, limiting people‘s actions. Meanwhile, department stores Seibu and Sogo were forced to close, and sales were sluggish even after reopening. June-November sales hit a record low. • Brief To create a new advertisement which could brighten the gloomy mood with hope and motivate consumers to go shopping once again. • Objectives To re-define the purpose of department store and increase its brand value.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

While people still feeling some sense of stagnation, on January 1, 2021, Sogo&Seibu opened its sales record of some items they sold during the previous year. The list included items such as lipsticks and suitcases, which seems unnecessary during the COVID-19 situation. Why did people buy such items? It’s because they kept their hopes toward the future. By turning the “lowest sales record” into “hope,” we re-defined the value of shopping and motivated people once again to shop for future.

Describe the PR strategy (30% of vote)

・Insight Locked up situation continued during 2020 while people were limited for action. “Joy” for shopping was unnecessary, and only minimum items necessary for life were been consumed. ・Key message “This receipt became a list of hopes.” “It was hope that the department stores were selling.” • Target audience (consumer demographic / individuals / organizations) Main:Department store customers Sub:All • Creation and distribution of assets Web Movie、Billboard、Newspaper

Describe the PR execution (20% of vote)

・Implementation of the PR Exposed the advertisement on Web Movie, Billboard, and Newspaper. • Timeline Published January 1, 2021 • Scale Web Movie、Billboard、Newspaper

List the results (30% of vote)

• Media Outputs 52 medias, including Television, Magazines, Web Media. • Target Audience Outcomes Voice of sympathy posted on Social Medias. Messages praising the message given to the store via telephone and e-mail. • Business Outcomes Monthly sales of February (2021) increased +25.7%, compared to previous year.


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