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CategoryG04. Social Behaviour
Media Placement CITYWALKS Athens, GREECE
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Name Company Position
Marco Versolato Wunderman Thompson Singapore CCO
Bas Korsten Wunderman Thompson Amsterdam Global CCO
Ricardo Tronquini Wunderman Thompson Singapore Creative
Facundo Paglia Wunderman Thompson Puerto Rico Creative
Andres Aranguren Wunderman Thompson Lima Creative
Javier De Bourg Wunderman Thompson Puerto Rico Creative
Hinoti Joshi Wunderman Thompson Singapore Account Management
Ricca Teotico Wunderman Thompson Singapore Account Management
Deeksha Siwach Wunderman Thompson Singapore Account Management
Rebecca Nadilo Wunderman Thompson Singapore Chief Strategy Officer
Gerri Hamill Wunderman Thompson Singapore - Chameleon Production
Zakee Talib Wunderman Thompson Singapore Production
Team Chameleon Wunderman Thompson Singapore Post Production
Benjamin Low Wunderman Thompson Singapore Production
Jeremiah Marcelo Wunderman Thompson Singapore Production
Emma Jeman Wunderman Thompson Singapore Production
Shamim Kassibawi SMC Dubai Production
Jessica Hartley Jessica Hartley PR
Aristomenis Georgiopoulos Citywalks Platform Owner
Artemis Stiga Citywalks Platform Owner
Severine Vauleon Unilever - Lux Global Client
Swarnim Bharadwaj Unilever - Lux Global Client
Vivien Ng Unilever - Lux Global Client
Priya Veeriah Ogilvy Singapore PR

Why is this work relevant for PR?

Empathising with everyday casual sexism is hard, unless one has experienced it personally. It’s difficult to understand what could be so harmful or negative about a “compliment” casually passed by a bystander on one's appearance. Aren’t these women being “over sensitive”? Bringing forth this matter to greater heights in PR was essential in achieving the campaign's objective to change behaviour of men. Lux, a leading beauty brand needed to take this issue into the real world to allow men to experience it for themselves and understand how every single comment, when experienced daily, can leave a negative impact on women.


Women face casual sexism on the streets on a daily basis. A whopping 60% of them face unwanted comments about their bodies, dressing, and make-up, just by taking a casual stroll. Despite how rife casual sexism is, most people don’t know it as a problem. Most perpetrators don’t think they’re doing or saying anything wrong, nor are they aware of the impact these constant comments have on women’s self-worth. Lux was looking for a way to dramatise that. Lux “In Her Shoes” aims to spark a conversation and bring about real behaviour change by giving men the opportunity to – quite literally – walk in women’s shoes and offer men a glimpse of the sexism and harassment that women suffer by doing something as simple as taking a walk.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Lux "In Her Shoes" is an interactive experience built in partnership with existing platform ‘City Walks’, which enables anyone to explore the sights and walk the streets in big cities around the world. We added an additional feature to enable viewers to walk the streets either as a man or woman. When “man” is selected, nothing notable happens. You walk with little to no interaction from other pedestrians. However, when you switch to the female view, you suddenly experience a very drastic change. Men stop her, berate her, compliment her, follow her and intimidate her. It’s a sad but true reality that many women around the world face every single day, and we’ve captured it for all to live, feel and experience. Actual walks were captured and amplified in the platform to provoke a reaction and ultimately, urge viewers to think about their own behaviour.

Describe the PR strategy (30% of vote)

Society constantly forces women to be the ones to change their choices and alter their lifestyle. Don’t wear that, don’t walk alone, don’t encourage interaction. But women shouldn't have to change – the perpetrators are the ones who need to change. Lux targeted men, who oftentimes make women feel uncomfortable walking the streets of their own cities. Lux wanted to turn what men describe as trivial and harmless “compliments” into powerful firsthand experiences that brought to life the compounded impact when a woman is the recipient of these comments not once, but at least 5 to 10 times a day. Experience the "In Her Shoes" walk yourself at It was also captured and amplified to provoke a reaction and ultimately, urge viewers to think about their own behaviour.

Describe the PR execution (20% of vote)

Lux “In Her Shoes” campaign has been released at a time when the world is infuriated by the abduction and killing of Sarah Everard and Egypt’s burgeoning #MeToo movement that has exposed sexual assaults, spurred legal reform and emboldened hundreds of abused victims including celebrities to speak out, sparking a long-overdue debate about gender inequality. Launched during the time of Covid in 2021, it was set in a relevant platform, the perfect place to interact with a captive audience during a time of isolation and fatigue from lockdowns, being deprived of travel and social interaction. The campaign partnership with City Walks was arranged for a long period of one year to remind men on the impact of sexism and harassment that women suffer by doing something as simple as taking a walk. It was also hosted at, a leading publisher in the Middle-East that supported a social campaign.

List the results (30% of vote)

1. Traffic to has increased by over 100%. 2. Time spent on the site has increased by more than 20%. 3. Lux “In Her Shoes” walk delivered VTRs better than benchmarks indicating the content resonated well with the TA. VTR was 36% better than benchmarks for long digital films. 4. Campaign reached an audience of 25M on 5. Qualitative research was done with men who visited the website and experienced walking “In Her Shoes” – and 90% of them said they would be more mindful / think twice before making sexist comments. Globally, the campaign garnered 8.43M online viewership, 84.6k estimated coverage views, and over 34 pieces of global press coverage in over 200 websites.

Please tell us about the social behaviour that inspired the work

Gender inequality is an issue that rightly deserves attention. Yet there is another more pervasive issue impacting women every day that has yet to be addressed – casual sexism. The constant barrage of casual sexism has a negative impact on women. 1 in 2 women said that it affects their confidence. More than 1 in 3 have found themselves questioning whether they should have done things differently. Casual sexism also sets a cultural norm that leads to more extreme issues like harassment and violence. It's important that we make perpetrators more aware of how their actions impact women, encouraging them to be allies rather than adversaries. "In Her Shoes" is part of a broader global Lux campaign to inspire 50 million women by 2025 using content, partnerships and activations to help them rise above everyday sexist judgements and express their themselves unapologetically.


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