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Why is this work relevant for PR?

Given reducing plastic waste and the related pollutions becoming a top priority, packaging sustainability now is not only a responsibility but also an opportunity for corporations. Mars Wrigley is calling on others to join them and together creating a healthy planet on which all people can thrive. The m&m’s Repack “M”y Journey CSR campaign conveys a new concept of packaging sustainability and demonstrates Mars’s efforts to win the recognition of consumers.


Mars is committed to building a sustainable and better tomorrow for a generation, believing that "tomorrow starts today". As Mars China's largest business unit, Mars Wrigley attaches great importance to young consumers and packaging sustainability. With the project vision of "Less Waste, Better World", Mars Wrigley further interacted with young consumers in 2021.ushering in a new trend of sustainable packaging. In September, Mars Wrigley's brand m&m's introduced a series of new reusable sustainable packages that can be refilled at m&m’s stores from the offline vending machines after consumers finish eating it. This “Repack ‘M’y Journey” was born to further improve the young people’s awareness and support the new consumption style advocated by Mars Wrigley.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Packaging sustainability has become a hot environmental issue in the past two years and is well-known among young consumers. Yet due to the inconvenience, young people’ s efforts to practice packing sustainability, such as bringing their own containers and using recyclable packaging, are lagged far behind. After an in-depth communication with young consumers, we had identified the following factors that inspire them to be personally involved in packaging sustainability: ① The product’s appearance ② More consumer autonomy of self-service m&m’s punching compared to pre-packaged one ③ Representation of healthy and fashionable lifestyle Therefore, the CSR campaign "“Repack ‘M’y Journey” - Looking for m&m’s Sustainable New Packaging Experiencers" was launched around the above three major triggers.

Describe the PR strategy (30% of vote)

We used the strategy of " Packaging sustainability = Green & Trendy Lifestyle" to spread the campaign on a large scale. ① The main communication platform: We selected RED, a popular lifestyle social platform, as the main communication platform. ② The healthy and fashionable content delivery: KOLs and KOCs were invited to deliver store scouting contents on a daily basis to showcase the cute appearance of new packages, which reinforced the fun impression of self-service purchasing, just like the slogan - you can buy based on your need, and pack the colors you want. ③ The creative consumer interaction mechanism with prizes: With the seed content of KOL's store scouting and prize-giving interaction mechanism, consumers were motivated to enjoy m&m’s self-service with new sustainable packages. Many consumers shared their on-site experience along with their mood and daily outfits on RED. These UGC rapidly expanded the effect of secondary communication.

Describe the PR execution (20% of vote)

1. Selected RED, a popular lifestyle social platform, as the main communication platform. 2. Published a vivid story-telling illustration through owned media to demonstrate Mar’s Wrigley packaging sustainability latest effort. 3. Designed a creative consumer interaction mechanism with prizes to incentivize young consumers.

List the results (30% of vote)

1. The project achieved 115 million+ impressions, 5.96 million + engagement, including 18million + impressions from free channels 2. The new sustainable packages were sold out within 5 days in the limited stores. 3. Harvested a large number of positive consumer feedbacks and packaging sustainability became a highly advocated lifestyle among young consumers. 4. The campaign upscaled the influence of Mars Wrigley's packaging sustainability, allowing more consumers to understand and engage in the brand's transformation of product sustainable packaging.


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