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Name Company Position
Arif Rajab Current Global Account Lead
Mogan Raj Current Global Account Manager
Jasmine Hong Current Global Account Manager
Alicia Ali Current Global Social Media Manager
Shernice Wang Current Global Designer
Luna Zhu Current Global Designer
Jing Lim Current Global Junior Associate
Rauzan Rahman Freelancer Music Producer
Mean .XS Freelancer Musican
Weish Weish Freelancer Singer
Mickey Leano Freelancer Musican
Pravin Nair Freelancer Musican
Keziah Wei Telescope Studios Video Producer
Leonard Leonard Telescope Studios Assistant Producer
Jeremy Kieran Telescope Studios Director
Ming Ming Parallax Collective DOP
Chris Chris Parallax Collective DOP
Min Hua Zhang Telescope Studios Camera Assistant
Xavier Xavier Freelancer Grip/Lighting
Raiyan Raiyan Freelancer Grip/Lighting
Littlebee Lab Littlebee Lab Colorist

Why is this work relevant for PR?

Much like sport, music viscerally moves you. Going as far back as the ancient Greeks to the mega performances at the Super Bowl, music has a symbiotic relationship to the best of what sport offers, and brings out of you. HOME OF SPORT was the brand’s most ambitious, multi-faceted influencer-anchored program in SEA. The capstone of said program, was the brand’s region-first, “future of Sport” Music Anthem and MV – Who Could Imagine. In addition, we co-created hyper-local signatures in a store’s physical space and products to customize purchases at “MakerLab”, essentially to make this venue, Singapore’s Home of Sport.


2021 remained tough for businesses to say the least. Coupled with Singapore’s ever-evolving Covid-19 policies, the brand wanted to find a way to engage with the public in ways that were meaningful. From our primary research (social listening and commissioned survey among 1,009 Gen Zs and Millennials), we found the “Covid Consciousness” to be very real. We found the state of “Covid Conciousness” among 1 in 2 persons whom participated at least once a week in fitness activities. They displayed traits such as “living in unprecedented sedentary cocoon-lifestyles”, coupled with “declining sport participation”, and were “uninspired and experiencing a strong virtual fatigue”. With the opening of the brand’s largest Sports Performance store, we decided to reframe our thinking from “how do we launch a new store during the pandemic” to “what role should we play to support the local community, and how will this destination bring that purpose to life”.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Our raison d’etre was clear. We wanted to inspire consumers out of the “Covid Consciousness” they were facing and inspire them through sport. Much like sport, music viscerally moves you. Going as far back as the ancient Greeks to the mega performances at the Super Bowl, music has a symbiotic relationship to the best of what sport offers, and brings out of you. The campaign, HOME OF SPORT (Change starts here), was anchored by influencer-anchored collaborations with the capstone execution to be a “future of Sport” music anthem and video named “Who Could Imagine”. With this anthem, we will anchor the new experience at the store, coupled with hyper-local collaborations to design the space, and co-create products as well as services. In addition, it will propel the integrated marketing programme in place.

Describe the PR strategy (30% of vote)

We were cognizant of tropes that surrounded sports marketing. Messages of empowerment, self-belief, etcetera. While those elements had relevance, we wanted consumers to see sport as more than that. We decided to do things differently and redefined the idea of Sport. We looked at areas we could viscerally create impact among consumers and defined sport in 3 “change pillars”: Feeling, Form and Function. In each pillar, we inspired people to make their own pivots/write their own comeback stories. Anchored by the future of sport anthem, we would execute the integrated programme consisting of executions across PR, Influencers – Earned and Digital Advertising, over 3 change pillars: Feeling – be moved by the ‘future of sport’ anthem, and be inspired by the installations in-store depicting the nation’s greatest sporting journeys. Function – make your gear your own with local customization designs. Form - learn, unlearn, relearn your sport.

Describe the PR execution (20% of vote)

Each of the 5 musicians selected were creatively different. But we believed with a shared vision, the result could be a powerful music anthem. After more than 100 hours in the studio over 3 weeks and 17 mixes, we co-created “Who Could Imagine”. Rauzan Rahman (Producer), opens with loud, deep drum patterns, married with dark modulated looped violin scores. Representing the athlete’s journey - the calm before the storm. MEAN (Rapper) opens with bars, representing “belief”. Mickeyleano (R&B Musician) verse representing “confidence”. The chorus, sung by Weish (Vocalist/Singer) and PRAV (DJ/Beatmaker) representing “celebration”. 3 elements that we believe would be important to inspire people out of that rut.

List the results (30% of vote)

The program anchored by the anthem helped consumers see sport differently – by engaging with the brand and be inspired to leave write their own comebacks/pivots. We measured these 5 fronts: 1.Anthem acclaim – more than 57,000 Spotify plays and MV views, and was reviewed positively by Singapore’s most prolific music writer, Eddino in “The Straits Times”. 2.Footfall - The integrated programme (PR, Influencers - Earned, Digital Advertising) drove strong footfall to the store which exceeded targets, benchmarked against previous store openings. 3.Organic media value and share through - Through PR and SM syndications, we generated over SGD1.1m in PR value and 2.7m impressions. 4.Social Media traction - Through own SM and paid executions on Facebook and Instagram, content reached more than 2m people on Facebook and Instagram. 5.Consumer impact – the 10 activations impacted more than 1,000 people who attended in-person, or streamed the content online.


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