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EntrantTIKTOK Indonesia, INDONESIA
Production FORTUNA South Jakarta, INDONESIA
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Shina Widianti Fortuna Project Leader
Seva Nefertiti Fortuna Social Media Coordinator
Nida Zaenab Fortuna Partnership Coordintor
Rofiana Mujahidah Fortune Media Buyer

Why is this work relevant for PR?

X&Y launch as the first vertical film on TikTok has strengthened TikTok's brand positioning as an inclusive platform to produce any kind of creativity, including for filmmakers. The launch of this short movie has utilized multiple formats of public relations activity and also was successfully accepted by TikTok stakeholders, ranging from TikTok users who were entertained through vertical films with the issue was relevant to them, filmmakers who were inspired to create more projects on TikTok, to the government who welcomed this film as a new breakthrough in the film industry in Indonesia.


As the pandemic strikes in 2020, one of the industries that experienced the worst impact is the film industry. More people flock to social media and digital platforms to consume video, including in film format. According to data from HootSuite, mobile internet usage in Indonesia increased 22% in December 2020, compared to last year. Meanwhile, 98.5% watch online videos as their daily activity. As a home for creative self-expression that nurtures authentic and entertaining content, the people build connection and understanding in TikTok through the shared language of video, and TikTok sees the potential of this as the new level for the film industry to explore a vertical format, like TikTok, and also to discover new talents in filmmaking from the platform. The launch of X&Y also aimed to showcasing TikTok’s commitment in providing a safe home for creative expression in the momentum of National Film Day.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

- Using the momentum of the National Film Day to launch the “X&Y” film to show TikTok’s support to the local film industry. - Established a collaboration with a production house (PH) called Studio Antelope, founded by Jason Iskandar, an award-winning young director in the short movie category and together developed the storyline and being involved in the production and post-production of the “X&Y”. - Involved local TikTok creators in the project as the supporting actors and soundtrack singer to maximize the awareness of the project. - Established credibility by engaging with the Ministry of the Tourism and Creative Economy as the authority in the film industry and built a network with the movie community and film critics. - Amplifying and maintaining the hype by engaging with local TikTok creators to utilize media power in Twitter and Instagram to spark the curiosity about TikTok’s vertical film.

Describe the PR strategy (30% of vote)

TikTok is the culture trendsetter and home of the creativity for creators and people in the film industry. The combination of TikTok’s features, POV, music, and creative tools can take the trend of visual storytelling and vertical short film format to the next level. To reflect this messages, we utilized the launch of the film by putting TikTok in the center of the art and entertainment map as well as inspire TikTok creators and filmmakers to explore vertical short film format in TikTok, so everyone from diverse background can discover new opportunities in this platform. The campaign is focused on the existing users in TikTok, with age range of 18 to 35 years old, professionals in film industry, and the general public within the same age who still have doubt to join TikTok due to the previous reputation as being a ‘tacky’ platform.

Describe the PR execution (20% of vote)

#Engagement-Collaborated with PH to develop the relatable movie script, local creators as the supporting cast and soundtrack singers(Feb)-Amplified the hype of film with in-app-TikTok challenges by using #FilmVertikalTikTok hashtag, so creators can create their version of main cast’s scene(W2 March)-Collaborated with homeless media to spark conversation and curiosity(W4 March) #Education-Dubbed X&Y as TikTok’s first vertical short film and during the launching event, the film director emphasised how vertical format can be the next trend and potential format to be explored by the filmmaker(W1 March)-Organized an exclusive interview with the creators and casts-involved to give a deeper dive on the production process(W3 March) #Credibilty-building-Let the government-engaged give appreciations towards TikTok to highlight that TikTok can be the solution for creative industry, particularly in film industry to move forward(W4 March)-Organised a screening with local film communities to continue the conversation and let them post their review in their website and social-media(W4 March)

List the results (30% of vote)

1. The campaign has gained overall positive response from the public in multiple channels, including in the online media, printed media, TV channel, and social media, with 100% of positive sentiment. 2. The five chapters of the “X&Y” film has gained 761.2K likes on the TikTok platform, with overall positive comments from the users, saying that they are surprised that they can watch such a high quality and intriguing film in TikTok. 3. The hashtag #FilmVertikalTikTok has reached 337.4M views, used by TikTok users not only to reenact the film scenes, but also to show their own short vertical film which is inspired by the “X&Y” film. 4. The launching event, the press release, and the follow-up interviews as well as articles have been widely covered on a national level, with more than 160 clips from online and printed media, with more than 3 billion of reach, and total PR value of USD 520,200 producing ROI of more than 16 times. 5. The campaign has highly contributed in building positive sentiment towards TikTok apps in Indonesia, by gaining 58% positive sentiment in the media for the month of March and April 2021, an increase of more than 8% from the previous bi-monthly. (202 words)


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