Short List
Product / ServiceRED NOTICE
CategoryD05. Interactive & Immersive Experiences
EntrantDDB MUDRA Mumbai, INDIA
Idea Creation DDB MUDRA Mumbai, INDIA
Additional Company CAB EXPERIENCES Bangalore, INDIA


Name Company Position
Rahul Mathew DDB Mudra Group Creative
Debashish Ghosh DDB Mudra Group Creative
Arcot Rahul DDB Mudra Group creative
Mahima Mathur DDB Mudra Group Creative
Roy Sebastian DDB Mudra Group Creative
Akanksha Mishra DDB Mudra Group Business Executive
Shubhita Aggarwal DDB Mudra Group Business Executive
Sanchari Chakrabarty DDB Mudra Group Strategy
Mallika Yamdagni DDB Mudra Group Strategy
Manish Darji DDB Mudra Group Creative
Pallavi Chakravarti DDB Mudra Group Creative
Aditya Kanthy DDB Mudra Group Strategy
Gaurav Magotra DDB Mudra Group Business

Cultural / Context information for the jury

From truck art to film-poster painting to standing in never-ending queue for a movie star’s autograph, when it comes to content, Indians love for content manifests in tangible experiences. In this backdrop, Netflix has been in the digital limelight of India last couple of years, shaping/driving conversations w.r.t their unique roster and the larger-than-life impact they create for their titles. For every big release, they strive to tap into Indians’ cultural conditioned Bollywood-level ‘bigness’ expectation – whilst staying true to brand ethos. Starring Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot & Dwayne Johnson (having established equity in India), Red Notice was the slickest release of 2021. Hence, for promoting an International multi-starrer, big-budget heist movie in India, Netflix wanted to weave a truly memorable narrative post its release. Netflix wanted Red Notice to dent Indian pop culture with an unparalleled movie moment/event, leveraging star power (global + local) to create widespread conversations.

Write a short summary of the ambient work.

To promote Red Notice, we wanted people to experience first-hand, the adrenaline rush of a heist. So, we created a pop-up store with droolworthy items for the taking, that people could get for free. The catch? They had to steal them. Set up in one of Mumbai’s biggest malls, and spread across 3000 sq. ft. of retail space, the Red Notice shop asked fans to channel their inner thief. Inside the shop, we displayed cool collectibles like tech delights, movie merchandise and most importantly, three precious Fabergé eggs with exclusive rewards. But to get to them, fans had to get past slick security tech usually featured in heist films, like lasers, secret codes, trap doors, sensors, CCTV cameras, alarms and a team of security guards. This way, we went beyond conventional movie-marketing outdoors and brought to life an innovative experience that was true to the movie.