Bronze Spike Campaign
Product / ServiceMERCEDES-BENZ
CategoryB01. Consumer Goods
4 of 4 Campaign
EntrantOGILVY Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation OGILVY Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation 2 OGILVY Beijing, CHINA
Production ARS THANEA New York, USA


Name Company Position
Reed Collins Ogilvy Asia Pacific Chief Creative Officer
Wei Fei Ogilvy Shanghai Group Executive Creative Director
Sascha Engel Ogilvy Shanghai VP of Creative Technology
Michael Pearson Ogilvy Shanghai Group Creative Director
Jimmy Wang Ogilvy Shanghai Creative Director
Addy Supon Khaotong Ogilvy Shanghai Creative Director
Lance Francisco Ogilvy Shanghai Art Director
Kelly Yang Ogilvy Shanghai Art Buyer
Ivy Wang Ogilvy Shanghai Senior Copywriter
Peter Jaworowski Ars Thanea Executive Creative Director
Sebastian Marek Ars Thanea 3D Artist
Tomasz Chrabolowski Ars Thanea Digital Artist
Magdalena Grzesz Ars Thanea Producer
Yuanqiu Guo Ogilvy Beijing Managing Partner
Houxiao Li Ogilvy Beijing Head of Copy
Mika Tay Ogilvy Beijing Creative Director
Wanxiao Yang Ogilvy Beijing Business Director

Cultural / Context information for the jury

In 2020, Covid shut down air travel entirely for Chinese residents. While it was a disaster for airlines, it was an opportunity for Mercedes… As luxury Chinese travellers still wanted to see the world in style, so they traded business-class for G-Class… Mercedes’ ultimate luxury 4x4. We brought this to life by promoting travel within China, showing some of China’s most iconic – and highest – landmarks as though seen from the window of an car – mimicking typical travel photos from planes. This showed how the peerless off-road abilities and luxury feeling of the G-Class can still elevate travellers, even in 2020. Locations: Nuerjia Canyon, Xinjiang - 4265ft Ganzi District, Sichuan - 14271ft Yangshuo Mountain, Guilin - 3051ft Nanxiong District, Guangdong - 3346ft

Is your billboard / poster larger or smaller than a 6 sheet poster (1200 x 1800mm)?

No, it was large format.