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Product / ServiceHEINEKEN
CategoryC01. Integrated Mobile Campaigns
EntrantLEO BURNETT Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
Idea Creation LEO BURNETT Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
Production DIGITAS VIETNAM Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
Production 2 PRODIGIOUS Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
Production 3 MSL Ho Chi Minh, VIETNAM


Name Company Position
Paolo Garcia Publicis Groupe Vietnam Groupe Executive Creative Director
Chandu Rajapreyar Leo Burnett Vietnam Creative Director
Yen Dang Leo Burnett Vietnam Associate Creative Director
Daniel Tingcungco Leo Burnett Vietnam Senior Art Director
Kit Nguyen Huynh Leo Burnett Vietnam Art Director
Ha Vy Nguyen Leo Burnett Vietnam Senior Copywriter
Luan Truong Leo Burnett Vietnam Graphic Designer
Kris Constantoulas Leo Burnett Vietnam Chief Strategy Officer
Katie Huynh Leo Burnett Vietnam Integrated Planning Director
Hieu Nguyen Leo Burnett Vietnam Deputy Managing Director
Anh Nguyen Leo Burnett Vietnam Account Director
Tisdale Van An Le Leo Burnett Vietnam Senior Account Manager
Hau Ngo Leo Burnett Vietnam Account Assistant
Melissa Caranto MSL Vietnam General Manager | Social & Influence
Abby Le MSL Vietnam Account Manager
Tan Tran MSL Vietnam Digital Manager
Trang Chu Leo Burnett Vietnam Strategy & Integration
Ngoc Dao MSL Vietnam Social Media Associate Lead
Vu Chung MSL Vietnam Creative Lead
Duyen Phan MSL Vietnam Copywriter
Si Dang MSL Vietnam Designer
Mai Luu MSL Vietnam Social Media Executive
Julian Brzoska Digitas Vietnam General Manager | Data & Technology
Nguyen Vo Digitas Vietnam Technical Director
Quan Do Digitas Vietnam Digital Producer
Truong Nguyen Digitas Vietnam UX/UI Lead
Stuart Howe Prodigious Vietnam General Manager | Content Production
Mai Nguyen Prodigious Vietnam Producer
Xuan Dinh Prodigious Vietnam Video production
Kate Bayona - Garcia Publicis Groupe Vietnam Groupe Managing Director
Lukasz Roszczyc Publicis Groupe Vietnam Chief Executive Officer


In Vietnam’s young, highly competitive, fast growing beer market, Heineken Original was ageing fast. One of the most visible signs, was our packaging. Brands winning with young adults had already shifted to sleek (tall & slim) cans. Heineken was still holding onto the traditional (short & fat) one. We realized, to change their perception of us, we had to change our cans first.

Describe the creative idea

Heineken pioneered electronic music in Vietnam, the launch of our new can was the perfect opportunity to reignite this innovative spirit. We started with a simple observation. No matter what angle you look at the sleek can, only two letters of the brand name are visible. What if we could find a way to let our drinkers play with these two-letter combinations and match them to the names of some of the hottest local and international artists?.

Describe the strategy

Open any convenience store fridge and there is a good chance (whether you’re reaching for a beer or not) you will end up with a sleek can in hand. While the launch of a new can was a big thing for us, it wasn’t a big deal to young drinkers. If we wanted to send a signal that this was more than just a simple packaging change, we would have to elevate the drinking experience and look at this from an entirely new angle.

Describe the execution

Forming a first of its kind partnership with Spotify, gave the brand unprecedented access to a roster of artists that would have been impossible to sign individually. The experience was enabled by bespoke technology which included Letter Recognition AI and an AR algorithm that transformed every can into a personalized virtual concert. When users scanned the can, every turn of the logo unlocked an exciting new audio-visual experience. Seven two letter combinations allowed us to sync up with 583 famous singers and bands from every imaginable genre providing a remarkable and always surprising result with every turn. We also enabled our audience to add artists’ names that matched the two letters to create their own unique playlist, adding an additional layer of engagement to the campaign.

List the results

The results were off the charts. Over the campaign period we sold 23.3 million Heineken Sleek Cans which translated into a 40% growth rate vs the previous year. Users spent 5,200,000 hours listening to Heineken generated music tracks, and from an engagement standpoint we witness an unprecedented 546,000 shared playlists across social media platforms which smashed all expectations…. everything else was music to our ears, including the 25.2 million reach, 7.4 million engagements, 3 million livestream views and over-achieving our campaign target metrics by over 210%.


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